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July 26, 2013

Mandy asks…

Should they start making Beer Balls again?

For those of you that have never heard of such a thing, a beer ball or party ball was about a 5 gal (held about 55 12 oz. beers) plastic ball-in-a-box disposable keg that they used to make about 20 years ago or so. They were a great, but short lived, invention. Now if they are still making these things, where are they hiding them?

Administrator answers:

Good times with our party balls. I moved into my first apartment when the “beer ball” was sold at our local grocery store. From the day I moved in we partied every day and party balls were a part of that. I am talking about an efficiency with 50 chicks and dudes shoulder to shoulder singing “You gotta fight! For your right! To parrrrrtyyy” and a wall of “party balls” stacked 6 high and 6 wide. Unfortunately, I was evicted two weeks later and stuck with six months of rent which went on my moms credit since she co-signed. She cut me off. So for your own safety, it is probably best they stop selling them in high quantity, sorry. Now I have a family and I stick to my 4 dollar six pack of Busch.

(but the party animal in me says that if I went down to the local store and saw the now infamous party ball, I might just have one more “party ball” party for old times sake)

Sharon asks…

how much money should i be makeing after high school?

what would be a realistic figure working a full time job after high school. right now i make $6,000 a year part time. probably doing a job like working at wallmart or waiting. and how much should i be paying for an apartment?

Administrator answers:

Well, depending on what your doing, it will probably min wage… & depending where u live.. The cost of living is different from state to state.. So I don’t know how much u should be paying for an apartment either..

My best advice is to make sure u save as much as possible so u have a back up plan, also start buyin stuff u need for an apartment now, when u move in u prob won’t have everything but it will come as time goes by..

I live in Ohio, when I graduated in 06 I was lucky and started entry level w/a big company (banking) and made $10/hr.. After almost 3 yrs I was making $11.50, wasn’t making more than $25,000/yr… BUT i got experience and moved on to another company similar (another bank) and now make $14.50/hr with monthly bonuses.. (with Overtime and bonuses I grossed about 37,000 last yr) My first apartment was about $390/mo (that’s really cheap in Cinti, Ohio) but it was a 1 bedroom not an efficiency.. Now I would say it’s prob about $450/mo which isn’t much more.. If I were to rent an apartment now (I own a condo now) I would probably paying about $500-550/mo..

Hope that helps.. Good Luck.. And Make a solid Plan :) oh and when getting a job, don’t underestimate yourself, always ask for a bit more than u expect to get doing the job (my case average for my entry level job per hr was $8.50..I asked for $10.. AND GOT IT)

Lisa asks…

how much should someone save up before moving out on their own?

i already have all the necessities. ofcourse i have couches, a coffee table, two tvs, and everything you need for the tvs, kitchens utensils and cooking supplies, and bedroom furniture, decorations, bathroom things, sheets, lamps,etc etc….but how much should i have in savings before moving out?

Administrator answers:

To answer your question, I’d say to save a few thousand dollars, and be sure you’ve worked with your employer a few years so there’s some stability there (and that you feel comfortable that you won’t get laid off or lose your job somehow), that you earn at least $10 an hour, more in more expensive cities), make sure your credit history is ok, make sure the bills you owe aren’t too high (because if something occurs and you need to use those credit cards you need to know there’s enough money to borrow on them), and you’d need decent transportation (so you can get to and from work). Remember you will have moving costs and deposits.

Then i’d say get the least expensive place you can get, for instance if they have an efficiency or studio then pick that over a one bedroom apartment. Choose an upstairs apartment rather than the downstairs apartment, and choose one overlooking the parking lot rather than one overlooking a lake or view. These choices were suggested because they are less expensive. Every year the rent will increase, maybe $15 to $25 a month. Make sure your income will allow for that.

Today since bankruptcies abound (country, county, state) a lot of people are staying, living with parents instead of getting their own apartment.

Steven asks…

how to cook noodles with no stove?

I have two opportunities, move in to a two bedroom apartment and split the rent, or an efficiency with no kitchen. i have a microwave and a foreman grill, how do i boil penne noodles for my chiken alfredo? please help!

Administrator answers:

Get a hot plate, electric kettle, or a multi-cooker

they are cheap, cook noodles a lot easier and better, and have much more versatility.

Cooking noodles in the microwave is a shot in the dark… Since you won’t know if they are done, you have to keep stopping it and testing them, or they will be under or overcooked

Donna asks…

What does “efficiency” mean when in context of type of housing you can rent?

im looking at roommate adds and one says, under unit for rentefficiency/house share”. what does this mean?

Administrator answers:

An efficiency is usually a one-room apartment, with a tiny little kitchen and bath.

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