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June 26, 2012

Daniel asks…

Can a Tennessee landlord advertise for only a single person to rent a particular apartment?

I know that it is discrimination to mention race, religion or age but what about a small efficiency apartment that is designed for one person. I have tried to locate the info on the net but with no results. I hope you can help please. Can you provide a link if you do get the answer to this puzzling question.

Administrator answers:

It is legal if it is a “single person” as in ONE PERSON ONLY.

It is NOT legal if it is “single person” as in UNMARRIED ONLY.

Steven asks…

i need help finding a efficiency apartment that is for rent for $275 to $380 a month preferably in e.p pekin?

in east peoria or pekin illinois

Administrator answers:

Try the local newspaper or Craigs list.

John asks…

Looking for apartments for rent by owner?

So I can call them and ask if they allow pets and for information
Craigslist has a bunch of empty ads that tells there is actually a rental as described then directs you to a apartment search site.

Just looking for studio efficiency under 500 per month.
Im looking for an apartment in Minnesota

Administrator answers:

Look in the local paper but if they do allow pets you can expect anywhere form 500-1000 for a non-refundable pet deposit in many cases. I even paid 3500 for the pet deposit before.

Chris asks…

Are there any nice studio or efficiency apartments in Houston, Tx? If so where?

I will be attending the university of houston, but I do not want to stay or live in the area near the campus. I am a college student and wil be paying my own bills. I can’t pay anymore than 550-600 for rent. I know it is expensive to live there, so I guess I will have to get a studio.

Administrator answers:

I would suggest, with your budget to find a roommate. Might contact the University and see if they have some sort of student housing/roomate forum. Or check on Craigslist.

Good Luck to you.

George asks…

Where in the bay area are some relatively affordable places to rent an apartment?

Obviously the SF bay area is an expensive place to live, but which places are the most affordable to rent an apartment?

I’m only looking to rent a small apartment, maybe a studio/efficiency, or possibly living with some roommates. How much might I expect to pay for rent in the areas you suggest?

Administrator answers:

Depends where in the bay area you want to live. The bay area is huge – north bay, east bay, the peninsula, and the south bay. Also, it depends on what kind of area you want to live in. If you want to live in East Oakland, rent is cheap – maybe $550-$700 for a studio. But that area is not so great. A couple of miles north is Berkeley which is not rent-controlled anymore. You could pay up to $1400 for a studio. Emeryville (nice area), you could pay even more. In San Francisco, studios can be over $2000 (again, depending on the location). Living in the financial district is very different from living in the Mission district.

Down the peninsula – other nice, affordable places to check out are Daly City and Belmont.

In San Jose (and the surrounding area), the costs can be anywhere from $700 to $2000 for a studio. If you want to live in Santana Row, it could even be higher. Downtown San Jose, you could find a decent studio for under $1000. West San Jose tends to be more expensive, East San Jose, a little less.

1 bedroom – in west San Jose or Cupertino costs over $1400. Similar prices in Sunnyvale and Mountain View. You could always check craigslist or other internet sites for prices.

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