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August 25, 2013

Betty asks…

Moving to Orlando in June wondering are there any affordable one bedrooms?

Administrator answers:

Define “affordable” for you. Generally, you want your monthly rent amount to be no more than one week’s take-home pay. If you cannot afford a 1 BR, look for a studio or efficiency apartment (one room with kitchenette and bath).

Lisa asks…

What are apartment prices like in Pennsylvania?

Specifically bloomsburg, Im from New York so average where I am 1,000 a month

Administrator answers:

Their local newspaper is called “Press Enterprise”. They have an on-line edition. Go there, click “Classifieds” and apartments under real estate. Low end prices: efficiency $305, 1 bedroom $335, and 2 bedroom $385. You could probably afford to rent a house! Good luck to you.

Linda asks…

How in hell are 18-year-olds expected to afford rent? Deal drugs? Sell their butts? ROB PEOPLE?

Rent is $900/month. Full-time jobs, even minimum wage jobs, are hard to get. 50+ applicants per position is common, and no one is hiring (or almost no one) because business is slow. It takes real genius and innovation to beat the other 50 applicants and win the grand prize: the minimum wage full-time job.

And with ZERO experience, better jobs are impossible to get.

Oh sure part time jobs are much easier to get. But is a part-time job gonna cut it? Is it gonna pay for utilities, rent, and groceries? No.

So how are young Americans expected to make ends meet? Are we punishing a whole generation for the sins of Wall Street and the housing market derivatives speculators? Is Generation Y the “economic scapegoat” that must suffer for your sins, oh Older Generation?

It almost seems that there is a worldwide economic conspiracy to create the new underclass in this neo-feudal society: The Young. As bad as it is in America, Greece’s and Britain’s youth face 40% unemployment.

Are young people condemned to poverty? How are the young expected to make ends meet? Sell drugs? Sell their butts? Rob convenience stores?
“you could always get an efficiency apartment for about 300 a month”

No, you cannot. And roommating with strangers is very dangerous.
“Like many before you – teens have managed to survive based on hard work and sacrifice.”

Teens in better times.

“Get an education to get a better job.”

Impossible with no money.

Administrator answers:

Just depends where you are looking for rent, you could always get an efficiency apartment for about 300 a month.

Laura asks…

Is it possible to live off of just $9 an hour?

I currently have a part-time job and I only make about $9.30 an hour, as I work about 30 hours a week. I currently live at home with my parents, but I’m strongly considering moving out. Do you think it’s possible for a person to survive on their own with an income of about $1000 a month?

Administrator answers:

Yes and No. No if you want your own apartment and have to pay all your utilities. Some places have efficiencies or studios which is a 0 bedroom apartment (you sleep on the couch). Those might be affordable. Most efficiencies and some studios include the utilities in it (the landlord pays them). You can rent a room in someones house for about 50-100 a month and those usually include utilities.

Here in Ohio, some hotels/motels offer weekly rates at about 140.00 per week which also includes utilities. So stuff like that you could afford. If you want your own apartment, then you might be able to afford the rent, but its the utilities that will make it difficult.

Lizzie asks…

how much can i afford in rent if I make $30,000 a year?

I am moving out of my family home. I just don’t know what I can afford in rent.
Other then $20,000 I owe in college gov’t loans, I have no other debt.

Administrator answers:

Is your vehicle paid for? Well you’d have electric, water, phone/cellphone to pay for plus knowing the heat or ac would be used and your internet service. And on some of those things you’d have a deposit. So figure on paying about $1500 upfront when you begin to rent. I would say $525 should be your highest to rent an apartment. If you need to start out with a studio or efficiency then do that.

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