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November 5, 2012

William asks…

Can anyone answer my question about apartments?

Can anyone give me a link to a website that shows apartments for rent, their locations, and how much they cost monthly? Also, what is the difference between studios and efficiencies and which is cheaper?

Administrator answers:

I think studios and efficiencies are the same but im not sure

Susan asks…

Should i put an ad in craigslist for sharing my efficiency apartment with someone ?

I feel reluctant even though in reality,i technically could really improve the quality of my life from a financial standpoint.I’m just afraid of getting ahold of the wrong person and opening up a can of worms so to speak.And craigslist says it has very strict policies regarding how you word you’re ad.I was very carefull in how i worded my ad.I was very politically correct and all but i just could’nt quite take the plunge and send the ad forth.I just kind of froze with reluctance and hesitance.I was just a bit too psyched out i guess but i still really want to get someone to share my apartment with,split the rent cost,and enable myself to have some sort of better quality of life from a financial standpoint.I really want to join the local gym for starters,and i want to be able to save a bit of money on the side as well.Advertising on craigslist though just seems to slightly psyche me out just a tad bit too much to take the plunge.I need advice.I really need guidance with this topic.

Administrator answers:

You would need to get the landlords approval to have a roommate, and let the landlord know that the roommate will help out with the expenses and the upkeep of the apt. Do a complete backround on the roommates you like and chose one of them. Now days people are looking for ways to save money and have a roommate is one of them.

Paul asks…

I’m planning to move to Miami, Florida, do landlords require a lease for efficiencies?

Are there apartments that I can rent without lease, where I can just pay on a monthly basis. I know there are many types of apartment in Miami like efficiencies, apartments, sublets…

Administrator answers:

Look for month to month rentals. They do exist.
Look also for the words corporate rentals which are often month to month.
You will pay more for month to month vs. Signing a lease.

Linda asks…

Optimization Homework problem, Calc 1.?

A real estate company owns 180 efficiency apartments, which are fully occupied when the rent is 300 per month. the company estimates that for each 10 increase in rent, 5 apartments will become unoccupied. what rent should be charged in order to obtain the largest gross income?

If possible please work out the problem so I can learn, if I wanted an answer id look in the back of the book. Thank you for your help :)

Administrator answers:

R = 660 – 2u ………. Rent = 390 – 2(units_rented)
g = r u …………….. Gross income = units rented * rent/unit
= u (660 – 2u)
dg/du = 660 – 4u
= 0 at u = 165 ……. Find the stationary points by setting dg/du = 0
u = 165 is a relative max because d²g/du² g(180) > g(0)

Answer: $330

Carol asks…

Why does children services do nothing in the state of Ohio?

my cousin has 2 small kids ages 3 and 4 1/2 months. Her mom is taking care of the 3 year old and i the other. She left state for 2 weeks came back got arrested on 2 warrants. she is still in jail till n the morn the will probably let her out. I have dealing with children services on her since she has had he baby cause i have had him his whole life. Now all of a sudden they say there is nothing i can do to keep him away from his mother who does heroin, crack and any other drugs she can get. She had a one bedroom apartment. with rent of only fifty dollars and she lost it. Now they r staying with her mother who also a a efficiency apartment.

Administrator answers:

Saddly its not just ohio the cps in montana don’t give a rats ass either my three cuz are going back to a mom who is a total scum bag all becouse shes pregnent again so that makes her a fit mom. If you can afforde it try getting a privet lawyer other wise you SOL.

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