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December 19, 2012

Lizzie asks…

Will my husband have any rights to the house I bought before we were married?

My husband has recently gotten a dui, his third in just under 10 years to be exact, this for me has been a roller coaster of emotions, primarily resentment and I now feel like I can’t trust him at all.

At any rate, I wasn’t particularly happy with our marriage before this, but we could at least get along and raise our son in a pretty good (not perfect, but close) environment, but now I really can’t see it ever being anything that I would call an acceptable relationship.

So, the BIG question here is, I bought my house before we were even dating, the house has an efficiency apartment in the back, the rent from the apartment has paid the mortgage on the house the entire time I’ve owned it. If or more likely when we get a divorce, will the court system make me sell the house? It is only in my name, but I did not make him sign anything before we got married.
I have to say that he can have pretty much anything else he wants out of the house, the money in our account too, but the house was my grandmother’s house, it is the house my dad grerw up in, and it means a lot to me to keep it in the family. I think though, that I have tried to get us into a good situation, and I did just fine before he came around, but nonetheless, he has screwed up his life, and I feel like he’s just going to screw up mine and our son’s too if I stay. I will eventually talk to an attorney about the matter, but for now, I am just trying to think of things that I don’t want to be surprised about down the line. Thank you all for your answers.

Administrator answers:

Go find a legal aid clinic if you cant afford a lawyer. Otherwise, get legal advice from a lawyer. If you are unable to get legal advice from a professional go down to the court house yourself and pick up the pamphlet and file yourself. Your question has to do with an idea of community property, but you need to know what your jurisdiction does and how they look at those types of properties and when you get them. It can be more complicated depending on several variables. You are better off getting the advice of a professional so you can have a correct answer. I would be suspect of any advice you receive on a blog concerning legal advice unless written by a qualified professional.

Helen asks…

How do you put your rent in escrow?

I have been in my efficiency apartment since July and they have yet to fix stuff. I am tired of waiting and putting in work orders. I want to put my rent in escrow. How do I do this?

Administrator answers:

You take the landlord to court. The court will either set up an escrow account for you or direct you otherwise.

Sharon asks…

How much would a decently sized (as in kitchen, small bathroom, etc) apartment cost in Guatemala City?

Something like an American efficiency apartment would be nice, and if you could cite your sources so I can investigate prices further, that’d be great. Thanks in advance!
EDIT: I’m looking for an annual or monthly price, too, forgot to mention that. I’m looking to relocate to Guatemala City, so it’s not just an extended stay hotel or something like that. I’m talking actual apartment. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

What you’re thinking about is not commonly found in Guatemala. And rent in a complete apartment, can cost as much as one in the states, $800.00. Yes in U.S. Dollars. In Guatemala most people rent one room studios (You can call it that) basically its a large room with a bathroom. Almost like a Hotel or Motel room, but larger. And they cost about 800 Quetzales, about $100.00. Non include a stove or oven, you’ll have to buy that yourself. Remember Guatemala is a very poor country, with not many places to live, that’s why people build one bedroom lofts, instead of huge apartment buildings.

Mark asks…

What is a good monthly price for a first time apartment renter?

My boyfriend and I are planing on renting an apartment together while we attend college. I went to and did a search forefficiency/Studio” apartments, none came up. So my question is: What is a good monthly rent to shoot for in a one room one bathroom apartment shared by two people?

Administrator answers:

Also look on craigslist.
But here’s your answer….there is “no good monthly rent”….it depends first and foremost on where you live. I live in San Diego, California and the studios can start at about $900 a month.
Second, it will also depend on your income and debts. How much can you afford every month…keep in mind you will most probably get a 7% annual increase yearly….so the rent will go up.
Also – there are expenses with your apartment to consider…gas & electric, doing wash, cable, etc….how much $ can you afford for these as well?
Create a budget on an excel worksheet to see what your monthly expenses and income would be and how much you can afford.

Good luck and congrats.

Donna asks…

What is the cost of living in Hawaii?

There’s really not a specific part of Hawaii, I just want to know in general?

Like how much would rent cost with an efficiency apartment or a one bedroom apartment?
I already know that milk, gas, food, etc…will be higher. I just want a price estimates of apartments.

In your opinion, where is the best place to live in Hawaii?
What is the weather like during winter?

Also, I reside in Texas…so how much would the move cost me?

& what are good colleges?

Administrator answers:

Hawaii is one of the most expensive places in the US and almost as expensive as living in New York City. A one bedroom would be at least $1500/mo and it’s really hard to find a job there.

Moving costs would depend on how much stuff you brought- if it’s just you and a suitcase then you need about $700 for a plane ticket & $3,000 to buy cheap furniture and home essentials.
If you have alot of stuff to ship you’ll still pay $700 for your ticket and about $3,000 to ship everything. Not to mention at least another $3,000 for first months rent and security deposit.

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