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Your Questions About Efficiency Apartments For Rent

June 25, 2012

James asks…

Does anyone know of any decent efficiency or studio apartments for rent near or close to Belleville, IL?

I’m going to college and looking to move into a nice simple efficiency apartment for a few months with my boyfriend so that we can save the extra money for the “real apartment”. All help is greatly appreciated.

Administrator answers:

I have lived in several studio apartments! They are great! For my apartment searches, I have used I personally searched for you and found over 300 studio apartments within 30 miles of Belleville, IL.

Here is the link:

Good luck with your search! I hope you find something that meets your needs!

Michael asks…

RG&E bill for studio efficiency apartment?

I am going to be moving into a studio efficiency apartment. The rent i $595 a month and hot water and heat is included. I was just curious in how much my RG&E bill would be for something like this? I’m on a pretty strict budget and can’t handle any crazy prices.
Sorry, I forgot to mention that. I’m at work and had to type quick. Rochester, NY.

Administrator answers:

It would be handy to know what the “R” stands for (I can figure out the Gas & Electric).

Your utility costs vary depending upon where you live (obviously).. But you left that part out.


George asks…

I’m looking to rent an apartment or efficiency in Austin for under $600?

I don’t expect anything too fancy as long as it’s not in too seedy a part of town. Any experiences/ideas about where would be a good area to move into and what time is best to start leasing??

Administrator answers:

There are over 200 options of $600 and under places in town. Here is a map of them.


The only possibly seedy part of town is east of I35 (and even not all of it). If you stay on the west side you can’t go too wrong.

Most places require a 2 month notice before you move out so it will be difficult to get a place much sooner than 2 months before you plan to move in.

Ken asks…

i need to rent a studio/efficiency apartment asap..?

help..i live in the philadelphia area..i need to find a apartment soon as this week or early next week…i just had a baby and this is all last minute and right now i can only afford to pay 1 month rent upfront.. i am looking for something around $450.00…please help..thanks..

and please no negative comments…

Administrator answers:

Not trying to sound negative, but you will never find a decent apartment for that price in any part of Philly.

Go to your local social services department and apply for emergency housing for you and your child.

Steven asks…

Are there unfurnished 1-room, efficiency style apartments in Germany, in Heidelberg?

If I have to pay 3 months rent up front as a deposit to rent over there, I will want to find a small, student style apartment in hopes of the cost being a tiny bit more reasonable.

Does anyone know if there are unfurnished efficiencies for rent, in general, in Heidelberg?

From searching the Internet, I generally just see furnished efficiencies so far.

Administrator answers:

You better search on a German website since no German homeowner will pout adds on an English site and for this reason there will be much less offers on there.

If you are on a budget also think of WG ( shared flat) usually a lot cheaper and also no 3 months deposit.

Good luck

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