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Your Questions About Fandango

April 15, 2013

Ken asks…

How early should I show up for the Harry Potter Midnight premiere if I already bought tickets from Fandango?

I bought tickets to the last Harry Potter movie on Fandango. Fandango said I would have to take my credit card up to a stand (forgot the name), not the box office line, and from there I could get my tickets.

My plan is to show up early in the afternoon and just get the tickets. However, how early should I show up for the movie even if I already have tickets. I heard most people show up early to get good seats.

Administrator answers:

You should definitely get there a few hours early to get a good seat (even if you bought the tickets beforehand). The movie WILL be sold out and people will get there early too. Last November I showed up an hour and a half before the movie started (so I got there at 10:30) and I was one of the last people in line. I was extremely lucky to get a seat with my boyfriend right next to each other but we were in the front far left corner which was an uncomfortable spot. I plan to show up 3 hours early this time since it will be one of the last midnight showings I will go to and I don’t plan on wasting it. Just bring something to do while in line because it will probably be boring (of course you could always talk to the people around you because I love talking to Harry Potter fans!). I hope this helped, and have fun!!!

George asks…

Can someone explain to me how I purchase tickets on fandango if i’m going to a Regal cinema?

I would like to purchase tickets on Fandango to see Twilight on Friday @ 7:00 at a regal cinema.

I was wondering how that works? I know you purchase the tickets online but what do you do after that? What do you do when you get to the actual movies?

Please help and please check back after you answer because I might have more questions. Thank you!

Administrator answers:

That’s so weird i am also looking for tickets for twilight on fandango and for 7 pm too! Well i don’t know what to do when i get to the movies but i think you print out the confirmation then shoe it to the movie people (just a guess)

Laura asks…

How can i reprint my fandango tickets without an account?

i bought fandango tickets a while ago for an upcoming movie and lost the confirmation paper that i printed out. i dont have an account either, and i deleted the confirmation email. it is also not in my recently deleted cause i bought the tickets a long time ago. is there any hope for me?

Administrator answers:

Contact their support people by phone

Richard asks…

Is it more expensive to buy tickets on fandango than the movie theater?

I want to see the toy story 3 premier tomorrow and I looked on fandango and the tickets are $14.50 a piece!!!! Wondering if that’s just cause the cite or if it’s cheaper in theaters

Administrator answers:

When was the last time you went to the movies? Wait till you see the popcorn prices!! They are just stealing money! We have to pay the high prices so that people who pretend to be someone else can live in multi million dollar mansions. Damn you hollywood!!

Oh and No it is not more expensive to buy tickets on fandango…….

“I work for Mr. Fandango”

James asks…

Do all theaters accept tickets purchased on Fandango?

I am about to pre-order my tickets for New Moon on Friday at 7 pm, for the only decent theater that is an hour away. Will I be wasting my money putting this on my credit card to get there and find out that they don’t accept Fandango tix? I’ve never used them before. Also, it’s for the Carmike Majestic 12 Theater in Chattanooga, if that makes any difference. Would it let me know if it was not going to work?


Administrator answers:

Sometimes on the newspaper ads it’ll say something like “Sorry, no passes” or “special engagement, no passes accepted”

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