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Your Questions About Fandango

August 28, 2013

Betty asks…

How do I buy movie tickets from Fandango?

My daughter wants me to buy her and her friends midnight premiere tickets to eclipse I called the theater and they said go to fandango I have never bought tickets online and I am needing a little help thanks so much

Administrator answers:

According to Summit, you can pick up your tickets to The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (which hits theaters on June 30th) this Friday, May 14 Fandango and! The official run time of the film has also just been released at 2 hours and 4 minutes.

James asks…

Do you need to bring your credit card to pick up tickets with Fandango?

I bought 3 tickets for Hunger Games on Fandango and I used paypal. They gave me a code and I wrote it down. So do I just bring the code with me?

Administrator answers:

And the card

George asks…

How does Fandango tickets work? Can you use it at Edwards El Monte 8?

I received a Fandango gift card as a birthday gift, and Marvel’s Avenger 3D is coming up. I really want to see it, so I’m going to purchase these tickets online on Fandango. I am able to print the tickets at home, but I don’t know how it’ll work. How will this work? Also, I want to know if these tickets would work at Edwards El Monte 8 Theater, since it’s the one I’ll be going to. Thanks in advance!

Administrator answers:


I just read this article about buying or selling old gift cards. Hope this helps.


Maria asks…

I want to purchase a movie ticket over the phone from fandango but where would i get my ticket?

The website is down so im going to call the fandango number but first i want to know do i get my movie ticket at the theater? And is it safe?

Administrator answers:

You can either print out your ticket on your computer at home or pick up at the theater. I was just on their website and it looks like it is back up and running now: Yes, it is safe. I’ve purchased tickets through Fandango many times and it works great – no standing in line for tickets.

Helen asks…

What do you do if i purchase harry potter tickets off of Fandango?

Cause i have money to,we are gonna watch it in the theaters in 3D

What do i do after i purchase the tickets off fandango if i dont have a printer???

Administrator answers:

When purchase tickets on fandango, you don’t print them. Take your credit card used in the purchase to the theater and a kiosk will print your tickets.

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