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Your Questions About Food Network

July 23, 2013

Betty asks…

How did chefs on food network get their own show?

I want to become a successful chef one day & have my own show on food network.
I want to go to a good culinary school.
I want to learn how to cook better — I have the determination.
If you know please let me know, Im curious.
Im only 16 but Im thinking of becoming a chef – its an option for my future.

I love cooking — Im not the best cook but I am willing to learn.

Administrator answers:

If you watch the food network there was a show that showed how food stars like Rachel Ray, got thier chance on being there. They worked their selves up by actually becoming known in the television industry…
Or try out when your a bit older for the Food Network’s Next Food Star.

Joseph asks…

How to get restaurant on the food network?

Who do you contact to get a restaurant on the food network or any other network that shows restaurants in there show?

Administrator answers:

I would imagine if you go to their website there is a link or something to contact them.

Laura asks…

How do you get tickets to Emeril Live besides the Food Network promos?

I don’t get it. There is always a large audience from all walks of life. You can’t tell me they all got their tickets from the Food Network. Any info, help or inside contacts are greatly appreciated. Thanks to all.

Administrator answers:

Tickets are very hard to get and it is by lottery. The shows are all done in two two-week periods during the year with multiple shows every day.

Linda asks…

Where can I find this recipe from Road Tasted on Food Network?

I am looking for the recipe for the “16 lb. Apple Pie” which was made in Road Tasted with Jamie & Bobby Deen a few days ago on Food Network. I have searched the website and nothing. Where can I find this recipe?

Administrator answers:

Cut and paste – it was from their Road Tasted Meet Me in St. Louis Episode #RD0106 which aired on December 3 and 4th:,2857,FOOD_26716_45087,00.html

or check out:

Jenny asks…

How can you become an intern at food network ?

Im 16 about to be 17 in june
i want to be a chef one day
and i absolutely love food network and watch it almost all of the time
so i was wondering how old you have to be to intern there or anywhere in general and if anyone knows how i could intern at food network specifically.

Administrator answers:

Well, if you could get into a school for that some have an internship all ready planed out for you. Otherwise try to contact some of those places. I would imagine that its pretty hard to get onto the food network but its a great goal to shoot for. Also it depends on where you are right now, because you don’t wanna try to get a internship across the country. So look for schools for food and check if the have any internship plans or if they could get you one. Otherwise ask around, check the papers or it. Good luck.

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