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Your Questions About Fox News

August 15, 2013

Maria asks…

How has Fox news been able to get such good ratings?

The channel is one of the most biased channels on TV, fair and balanced my ass. How has this awful channel been able to do so well in the ratings, I have watched CNN, MSNBC, and FOX NEWS. Fox news just seems to be more in your face, fast paced news, more so than CNN or MSNBC, could that be why? Those this mean liberals usually get their news from the internet more than tv, and conservatives get their news mainly from FOX NEWS, that is the only reason that that channel could be so popular.

Administrator answers:

They have been the only station to expose the thieves, thugs, commies, perverts, anti and unAmerican people and ideas of the people that obama has surrounded himself with. There has not been one single of his henchmen that have expressed any PATRIOTIC ideas or programs, only new and bigger ideas of how to push corruption, deception, and plundering of America’s treasury. He is obviously a Communist based on Marxism. A total failure in every country that has tried it. It fails because it based on stealing from the workers and then giving to the nonworkers. It is false and misleading to call him a Socialist. The ‘redistribution of wealth’ that he calls for is the basis of Communism and is nothing but a euphemism for stealing the workers blind. THis country never became ‘great’ by stealing money from the people and giving handouts to the lazy. Fox News is the ONLY TV that has presented all the hidden nastiness of Obama. They do try to present the good side of the news also but there is NO good side to Obama and his fellow travelers ideology.

Helen asks…

How come Fox News does not simply read the news to the audience?

I remember when the news was read to us with objectivity and impartiality. We got the facts and very little personal opinion.
Whenever I watch Fox News however, as opposed to simply delivering the news, they introduce some ‘guest’ with a biased opinion who is going to explain everything by way of subjective opinion before the viewer has been made aware of the facts.
Why does the most ‘trusted’ name in news steer from reporting and instead into political debate?

Administrator answers:

Oh but you support the hate from msnbc huh !!!! Hypocrisy ia abound today!!!

Susan asks…

Fox News always says it is the leading News program but their ratings are miniscule compared to real networks?

Why don’t they tell the truth about 3% of the people who watch news watch Fox. The vast majority watch one of the three big networks.

Administrator answers:


This is true. More people watch CBS News than the FOX NEWS. That is a fact.

Donna asks…

Why Does Fox news say liberal actors not to voice their political opinions, but should just stick to acting?

liberal actors get told by conservatives by Fox News Hosts that they shouldn’t voice their political opinions, but should just stick to acting…But conservative actors get regular Paid Correspondent spots on Fox News??? How is that considered fair and balanced?

Administrator answers:

Please name the conservative ACTORS that are “regular paid contributors” (contributors, mind you, not correspondents!).. And also exactly which Fox News shows and hosts. It is best to PROVIDE SPECIFIC EXAMPLES when you make charges like this.

But as a preliminary response regarding why libbie actors should shut up, I quote Abraham Lincoln, “Better to keep one’s mouth SHUT and be THOUGHT a fool than to open one’s mouth and REMOVE ALL DOUBT.”

1. REPEAL the 16th Amendment!!
3. Http://

Republican since before she was born… and PROUD of it.

Laura asks…

Why does fox news claim to be unbiased and then throw a fit when some points out it has a conservative lean?

To be fair MSNBC and CNN have a super liberal lean… But for fox news to claim it is unbiased is completely false. I do believe it is fair for the conservatives to have they’re own news stations but to claim your fair and balanced when your not is dumb. Hannity, glen beck, Billy ‘o Reily, Bret Bumne, and virtually all of the anchors have conservative leanings. I mean come on… The viewership is like 80% conservative.

Administrator answers:

Fox News caters to people who are not intelligent enough to think for themselves. Anyone with intelligence knows they have a conservative lean, however it is wealthy conservatives that want to keep working class people down, how better than to have a news channel they call “Fair and Balanced” and convince working people of low intelligence level they should vote against their own best interests.

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