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Your Questions About Fox News

July 13, 2012

Sandra asks…

Fox News…………..?

Being from England, i don’t see much of it, however the bits i have seen from it are shocking…
Its like a flow of unbidden sewage coming through your house via the Television…
The presenters are way over the top, moronic, dramatic, emotional, fundamentalist Creationists that hate free speech and twist everything factual to fit their twisted beliefs.

My QUESTION is…. How did Fox News ever get on TV, who allowed this abomination?
Fox News is a crime against humanity.

What do you think about it?

Administrator answers:

I think that stations like CNN and the BBC are way too liberal for my taste. It caters to unrealistic ideals and it ignores half of the truth in each story. They are known for giving one side and not the other and for pandering to Muslims. Instead of discussing the facts they dwell on perceived hatred by the Conservatives, and instead of investigating the whole story, most often they have only been interested in how to bring the “racist” element alive in their news even if there’s nothing racist to be told. Example: The story in Texas about the employer who asked his employees to use easier names to pronounce for customer service calls… They jumped on it, and instead of looking at it from the perspective of customer ease, they attempted to make the business owner look bad for it calling him a racist, and when they had a guest reporter who was also Latino speak on it, the reporter said that was perfectly reasonable to ask of this employees.

I think in all cases both sides should be represented, not just one, and tell the entire story.

Helen asks…

FOX News???

The content of FOX truly does have liberal and conservative points of view. So…how and why do other news journalists question FOX viewers intelligence? Could it be that FOX is more pro-American than other news organizations who seem to be more concerned with global news?

Administrator answers:

Well lets start off by saying that that first answer you got shows that level of moronic ignorance out there in America today. They don’t question the Fox News viewers intelligence because they are Fox News watchers but rather that the viewer doesn’t follow in lock step with the point of view that they personally hold. This leads us into next question; it is not that the others are less “pro-American” as it may look, they are pushing an agenda/propaganda that they want you to believe instead. It make them upset when you think for yourself and don’t drink the koolaid they are passing out. We live in a global society and there is no way out of that, they just want to be crowned kings & worshiped as important people instead of just doing their job honestly. “Check every fact on every channel for your own good…read, watch, ask questions and never believe that anyone knows everything!” Good luck to you in life my friend!

Maria asks…

Fox news………………..?

Who all watches fox news and who is your favorite person on it?

Administrator answers:

I occasionally find myself watching fox but they are pretty bias.

Honestly I watch them to see the opposite side of the news. They’re pretty radical with the information they report on.

I honestly prefer to read the news. I’m Ol’skool

Charles asks…

fox news…..?

do you think fox news is fair and balanced?

Administrator answers:

Seems to me, they are more for the Republican Party then the Democratic Party. No, they are not fair and balanced. Not, at all.

Jenny asks…

FOX NEWS………………………?

Y u no have news about foxes?

Administrator answers:

No i have not, just pakgeonews

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