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Your Questions About Funbrain

June 18, 2013

Linda asks…

Does anyone know the password for funbrain the water bug 10 points?

leave stupid answers ill report you and what i mean by rude answers is you being rude dont want to give me the password don’t comment

and its not a threat because usually some dumbasses leave answers like this
thanks :)

Administrator answers:

I think pasta8 for all the games or sumthing

Donald asks…

What is the code to get to the last level of the funbrain arcade?

Administrator answers:

The code is QUEEN6

Joseph asks…

On wut is the password to get to might girl 2?

I’m so addicted to funbrain and i’ve tried over a million times but i just cant get to mightgirl 2!! plz help me!

Administrator answers:


David asks…

What are funbrain arcade level 5 cheats?

im playin funbrain and i cant rememeber the codes
please help me get all the codes

first person with all codes gets 10 points

Administrator answers:

Umm just replay the game
y do u need the codes?

Sandra asks…

What is the password for Funbrain after the Extreme Air game?

help me plz

Administrator answers:

I thought you got your own password for that

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