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May 16, 2012

Sandy asks…

Rent increase of more than 5%?

When I applied for a HUD grant for rental property my rents were 500.00 month for a three bedroom apartment building.
I want to get close to market rent because of Costs rising.
My understanding is, While under this grant term, i can not increase the rents more than 5%.
How can I get around this??? I am going to sink as a good,clean and well maintained landlord, and my tenants while they do not want an increase during these times, could end up with a new landlord with possible rents of 1200.00 “market value”.
I don’t want market value but closer to 800.00 for my increases.
I am not getting rich off these properties but want to be able to repair them and maintain them properly.
how can i legally make this increase?
i have low rents because i want my people to stay, turn overs kill me.
i have a unit that would market for 1200 easy, and when i went under contract it was 500.00
my bad i guess, the gov’t has no common thought process??
i did not want market value but the increases are killing me and i would like to even it out.
i am under contract for 15 years, and increase of 5% will not help, 50 bucks is one fill up as you all know…….

Administrator answers:

You loose all control over your rent when you get involved with HUD. The only way for you is to discontinue the program, which you CAN’T until each renters lease is up. They usually have the right to remain for 2 years.

Helen asks…

Is there apartments that are cheaper and base their rent off of your income? Spring Texas, or Houston?

Is there apartments that are cheaper and base their rent off of your income? Spring Texas, or Houston?
I’m looking for a cheap apartment but in a good area which is North of Houston in Spring. I need the rent to be as low as possible because I am a student and working off minimum wage right now. I know the HUD is not taking applications right now and they take even up to 2 years. So any suggestions ideas or advice? I need a cheap apartment in a good area…??

Administrator answers:

As a student, you are not eligible for HUD or anything else even if they were accepting applications! You are apparently not elderly and/or disabled, which get first and second priorities for HUD or any other subsidized or “affordable” housing program.

As a student, look for a room for rent, or shared apartment with other students, or dorm room on campus. These are usually the cheapest options. An apartment is much more expensive! And often rooms include utilities, which saves you another bundle.

BTW, HUD & other low-rent/”affordable” units are generally not in nicer or more desirable areas.

Linda asks…

Tenant has issue w/ new smoking…decided not to pay rent this month?

in oct 08 my mother, husband, and i purchased an apartment building. the tenants were already here so we made an automatically renewing month to month lease. At that time the lease was very simple. We did this b/c we did not know the background of these tenants nor did we know what kind of tenants they were. Over the winter months we had some issues with one tenant we decided it was time to do a more intense lease. It came at a perfect time bc the tenant was to start getting HUD which they needed a year lease for. We redrafted the lease in which we added some clauses. The lease was longer than most but it was more specific. One thing we changed was the building is now non-smoking (in oct the tenant asked if they could smoke inside we told them at that point we were not changing anything so it would be whatever they did before they could do now but it could very well and probably would change at a later date) we assigned parking (i was tired of everyone fighting over the ‘best’ spots) we also limited the number of vehicles bc of the limited parking space. it was all pretty simple and standard. we did become a little more strict in the fact that you get one warning and you then have the opportunity to fix the problem if it happens again its eviction. we felt we needed to be stricter bc things were so lenient that they became out of control. Tonight, the tenants bf came to my door and was upset. first he asked what was up with this new lease and why it was stricter. I explained that it is a standard lease that all units received and are expected to sign in order to stay there. I further explained that things have just gotten out of control. I felt the need to take a little more control over what was happening. It was not just their unit but everyone. he went on to tell me no one would tell him he couldn’t smoke in his home. I told him that no one is allowed to smoke inside now. I told him that not everyone in the building are smokers and that in some areas it is seeping into other units (one of those being mine; my husband and I do not smoke) I also explained that it is unhealthy to my nieces and nephews (especially my nephew who cannot go into my bedroom bc he has a lung disorder and the smoke seeps in they smoke an extreme amount. I told him that these were the new rules I explained further some of the other rules and the reasons for them. he was not worried about any rule except the indoor smoking being prohibited (yet they have two very nice large porch areas) He had stated that they were not comfortable signing a year lease since that was what HUD wanted. I told him I understood and was sorrythey felt that way but there is a lot of liability on my part for them smoking inside besides the reasons i stated before. (earlier today i had received a call from HUD stating the tenant never turned in the papers for me to be paid) I asked him if she had the papers for HUD he said yes and they were not turning them in for me to get paid. He also made a round about comment of her not paying rent. He did not come straight out and say they weren’t paying but i had asked them to review the new lease then bring it over when they pay rent tomorrow and we would sign it and i could give them a copy. he made the comment that she would be bringing nothing to me they were leaving. they would start tomorrow looking at places. i told him ok to keep me posted and let me know when they would be moved out. First, was I wrong to change so much? (nothing was unreasonable as i said it was parking, smoking, noise, fire pit safety, guests (allowed to stay so many nights then they have to pay bc i pay all utilities)) second, how should I approach them not paying since they are leaving? Should I do a notice to quit and eviction if they do not pay by the 7th (which is the last day they can pay w/out late fee) Third, should I contact HUD? (HUD does have some of the papers she was approved as was the apartment etc. I had faxed the important ones in to get the apartment approved before June 1st so they could start paying for her. However, the woman in charge of HUD said to mail the other papers in (my w-9 and so forth) the tenant told me that her caseworker would be picking them up and taking them in. HUD contacted the caseworker today and was trying to find the papers. they caseworker had not returned her call the last I know of. Hence, why I asked the tenant’s bf where the papers were)
my nieces and nephews do not live with me but often visit and i babysit them sometimes. I explained too the damage the smoke can cause. This is a historical building (we are trying to have it made a landmark) the apartment has all the 1900 wood working hard wood floors fireplace and even an italian hand painted mural above the fireplace.
Also the issue with guests came when the tenant has guests for long periods of time. In the past lease it was 2 weeks you were allowed to have a guest. The tenant would have a guest 2 wks the guest would leave 2-3 days then be back for another 2 weeks. I pay all utilities. my bills have doubled and tripled. we now have it that they are allowed so many days after which time the guest has to pay a small fee to stay to cover the extra utilities. And yes I am within my legal rights.
I have never seen a rental that allowed tenants to smoke inside until this one. As far as the smoke seeping it seeps under doors and into hallways it has nothing to do with being a poor building.
people i do not know how many times i need to say this. THIS LEASE IS 100% LEGAL IT DOES NOT VIOLATE ANY TENANT RIGHTS. I am not dumb enough to write a lease without legal advice. I am not asking about the legalities of my lease.

Administrator answers:

If the tenants in question are already refusing to pay rent, you should give them until the 7th and then begin the process of eviction. It’s my guess that they have no intention of paying up. They are having a hissy over not getting their way.

You are within your rights to make changes. I think you have gone a little too far too fast, keeping in mind that these are long-term renters, but whats done is done. You can probably expect further issues of the same nature from your other smoking tenants, but do your best to NOT back down.

You have an investment to protect, and the liability for health issues as well as fire safety, falls on you!

Take Care.

Paul asks…

I live in subsidized housing/hud..30 percent of income?

I live in subsided housing/hud… 30 percent of income?HI my child,fiance and I living in an apartment that goes by 30 percent of your income. At the moment I go to school full time and our only income is my fiances unemployment check which equals to 178 a week AFTER taxes.
Our rent is 252 a month. They go by his unemployment check BEFORE taxes so they are going by $203. Seems like we are having such a difficult time coming up wit out rent every month. Is the price of our rent accurate? I tried figuring it out on my own.
203×4=812….30 % of 812=243.6
I just don’t understand why it’s 252 and not 243? Maybe because some months have 5 weeks?
They also claim we get a discount for having a child but I don’t think we do. I think we are being over charged if anything….Please let me know! Thank you!
RPT- I knew I’d get someone like yourself.
I never said I didn’t appreciate the help.
I am a full time nursing student
my fiance was just currently laid off last month. And trust me HE is looking.
Don’t judge if you have no idea what your talking about
You are an extremely rude person.

Administrator answers:

Federal and state agencies seem to go by the figure that months have 4.3333333 weeks in them. So if you multiply the $203 before taxes x 4.3 you get $872.90. If you divide that by 30% you get $261. Yes, it does seem like they give you a small discount.

Donna asks…

How do I find pet-friendly HUD/section 8 housing in my area, and what will it cost?

I have to move out of my parents’ house soon, and I’m beginning to look at section 8/HUD housing (is there a difference?) as an option. I have a past eviction from a few years ago, and pretty low income, so I’m thinking it may be my only option. But I’m rather confused when it comes to finding a place, and figuring out how much the rent will be.

I have a dog, so it has to be pet-friendly. And it’s really important that it be in a decent neighborhood, even if it is low-income. I think I’m going to fall into the “Very Low (50%)” income bracket for my county. So how do I find the right apartment? Is there like, an type thing for section 8? And how do I figure out how much my rent and utilities will be after I find it?

How does having a roommate (I don’t have one yet, but am planning to find one) factor into all this? A roommate and I would be the same as a 2 person family, right?
Are they going to look at my parents’ income since I currently live in their house, or just the people who will be living in the apartment?

Any help or advice you could give me would be greatly appreciated. I’m totally clueless at this.

Administrator answers:

There are a few things about your comments that might need clearing up somewhat.

Section 8 is set up for families that are having financial difficulties in finding suitable places to live.This does not include room mates. The only individuals allowed to reside in a Section 8 rental are those listed on the original application. This would preclude roommates, boyfriends/girlfriends etc.

The income you provide will be the only income considered, not your parents since they would not be on the application nor their social security number.

You might have a problem with the dog. I am not versed as to how Section 8 handle dogs and other pets, therefore you would have to inquire of this at the time of your application. Normally failure to admit having pets might be cause for immediate eviction on the part of the landlord and possibly from the Section 8 program.

If you are depending on a room mate to make a family then this would indicate you do not have children, since this is the situation you might not be qualified for the section 8 program. Make a call to be sure, however, the section program is set up for families with financial difficulties.

Why are you required to move out of your parents home?

I hope this has been of some benefit to you, good luck.


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