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May 24, 2012

Lizzie asks…

I live in subsided housing/hud… 30 percent of income?

HI my child,fiance and I living in an apartment that goes by 30 percent of your income. At the moment I go to school full time and our only income is my fiances unemployment check which equals to 178 a week AFTER taxes.
Our rent is 252 a month. They go by his unemployment check BEFORE taxes so they are going by $203. Seems like we are having such a difficult time coming up wit out rent every month. Is the price of our rent accurate? I tried figuring it out on my own.
203×4=812….30 % of 812=243.6
I just don’t understand why it’s 252 and not 243? Maybe because some months have 5 weeks?
They also claim we get a discount for having a child but I don’t think we do. I think we are being over charged if anything….Please let me know! Thank you!

Administrator answers:

1 week is 7 days. For most business averages, 1 month is taken as 30 days. That means there are 30/7 = (about) 4.2857 weeks per month. Sorry for the extra digits, but that should make the result good to the penny.

Your before-tax weekly income in $203/week. That comes to:

$203 x 4.2857 = $870.00 per 30-day month.

30% of that is 261.00 / month, based on after tax income. That’s more than you’re paying, so you’re getting 30 days (average) of rent for just about 29 days of payment.

Working backwards, that $252 rent is exactly 30% of a 30-day income at $196 per week. Could they have a reason to use $196/week as their estimate of your income?

The 30-day rule is fair, and actually works a bit in your favor over the course of a year. You will be charged rent for 12*30 = 360 days each year, instead of 365 or 366. February will hurt worse than other months, though, having to come up with rent 2 days sooner.

Good luck, study hard and I hope school and other things work out for you, and soon!

Maria asks…

Apartment is a wreck?

I live in Alabama, and I am rent an apartment from a woman that owns them not throught hud or any federal branch. All the windows leak air bad one water and is rotting at the bottom. The windows have been like that (leaking started 6 months she had maintaince to fix it but didnt stop) since moving in over a year ago and still not fixed them and the other problems. Who do i call to get her to fix it i know hud only is for government housing what is normal housing?
sorry for the wording just very upset right now.

Administrator answers:

There is no one to call. Since you pay your own rent, not the government you are free to pick just about anywhere you want to live. You picked this place. You can not force her to alter it into a different place, if you want something else you need to move.

Joseph asks…

I am on Hud housing but my credit is bad until 2013?

I have been trying to leave Alaska but I lost a fairly decent job several years ago and got behind in some bills, plus the last landlord I rented to charged me $476 cleaning charges I refused to pay because the place was immaculate. They charged me for cleaning the carpeting and put in new carpet. They didn’t deduct one deposit I made and my rent was always paid every month. Now this bill is over $1000 and on my credit report. I called the credit bureau and they can put the dispute on my credit report. I’ve lived in my current apartment 3 years now and never any complaints. I just am tired of living in a crooked state such as Alaska with 1000 sexual offenders running around and the cost of living so high and 10 months of winter. If I have to spend another winter here I don’t know if I can handle it. Why do people have to be such out and out liars and crooks these days? I’ve been very sick too and on disability now and a survivor of cancer. Women are treated like absolute dogs in Alaska! Help!
I think it’s just a year. And they did this to me three years ago. I tried to see a Pro Bono lawyer to contest the charges but they had none in Anchorage. It’s really a bummer too. People can get away with murder in this state and nothing ever done about it! I explained this to a possible landlord in Oregon. They do work with people because the economy is so bad.

Administrator answers:

If the statute of limitations has not expired you should take your previous landlord to small claims court.

William asks…

Can a disabled (SSD) woman qualify for HUD if she owns her home still?

My mother has been disabled for 13 years, and using a wheelchair for more than a few moments on her feet for the last 2; unfortunately, she still lives in the same house she always has (think some of the bad Hoarders Episodes for a clue) and it’s two floors which she can’t navigate. We wanted to get her an apartment, but her disability, after health insurance, is only about $600, and that’s all she really has to live on. I’m a graduate student, and help where I can, but am unable to financially help as much as she’d need for this transition. I heard about subsidized housing, and she falls well within the income guidelines to qualify, however, I was unable to reach anyone at housing authority who could answer my question. I thought perhaps someone here might have experienced something similar. My question is this: Can my mother still qualify for subsidized rent in PA if she still owns her house? (She is unable to sell it because of the condition, and all of her possessions she can’t part with; also, the land is not valuable, as it’s between 2 houses, and we cannot demolish to sell for land because of housing ordinances in our area. So basically…she’s stuck with the house, but can’t do steps without help, and upstairs is a small room and a bathroom, in which she cooks and eats). Any experience or tips would be appreciated! Thank you!

Administrator answers:

No, she can’t qualify for subsidized housing via HUD because they do not fund second homes which is what this would be considered. I suggest she sell the house to you for some small value and the title gets changed to your name and than she can say she does not own a home and in fact will not. Than you can start to do the hard work of getting rid of the stuff she can’t move to her new apartment. Hopefully than the condition will be such that is is sellable. Also consider selling it to one of your immediate neighbors – or even both of them split evenly – they might be glad to get rid of your mother if she is a hoarder. They can demolish the house.

Lisa asks…

Need Advice from Lawyer?

I moved into a subsidiazed apartment on January 2009. At the time that I submitted the application I was pregnant with twins my daughter and I were on the lease to a one bedroom apartment. I was also on the waiting list for a two bedroom elsewhere (at another apartment complex) In May 2009 the 2 bedroom became available and I accepted the offer. All of my information that I submitted to these 2 apartments were true (place of employment and income) The one bedroom apartment was too small to house myself and my 3 children so i wanted to break the lease but i was told that even if I do I would still have to pay the rent until they found a new occupant (this is a subsidized unit so I was getting assistance from HUD) Now my 2 bedroom apartment is teling me that HUD will not assist me with the rent because they are still helping me with the 1 bedroom in which I don’t need. I just don’t want to break the lease and continue to pay in that case I should keep the 1 bedroom instead of paying for a space I no longer lease. Will HUD still assist me with this 2 bedroom if I terminate my lease for the 1 br unit.

My 1 bedroom apartment was also burglarized after maintenance workers left my door unlocked they took my tv baby stroller computer and dvd player which is another reason I want to break the lease
I filed a police report for the matter

Administrator answers:

If you can prove the negligence of the maintenance workers it would be sufficent grounds to break the lease. Did you file a police report? You should have.

If you signed a lease with the 1st apartment you are bound to it. You will have to pay out the remainder of the lease whether you live there or not. The fact that they said you’d only have to pay the rent until they found a new occupant is them being nice to you. I suggest you tell your apartment complex that you’re interested in vacating and allow your place to be shown to new occupants so that they can find someone to move in so you can move out. This will prevent overlapping rent payments. The issue obviously is that you may lose your spot at the next apartment in the mean time. Try getting in touch with both apartment agencies and explain the problem, they may work with you – though, they’re not legally obligated to. Don’t just break your lease unless you’re finacially prepared to pay it out.

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