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May 28, 2012

Maria asks…

This is Information For Anyone in need of section 8 Housing?

Here are a few website. These are just a few. I used google and I used the search term section 8 housing finders. Hope this helps someone find a nice home :) = Section 8 and college off campus hosing find

Administrator answers:

Donna asks…

living assistance for college students?

i do not want to live on campus at frostburg, but i doubt i’ll be able to afford my own apartment. how do i find out about getting my rent lowered? i tried checking out HUD online, but it was still confused. is there any way i can get some assistance while in college?

Administrator answers:

Check with the financial aid office at your school.

Daniel asks…

How am I suppose to know if the houses are in the market.?

I live in Georgia for 10 years.I am a full-time student, and part-time employee at Kroger. I want to buy a HUD house because it is cheap and that the only thing that I can afford it. I have a good credit score 790; however, the bank had turned me down because I am consider low income. Then I ask my family to help me out in financial which they did. I am going to buy a house under $18.000 pay in cash. I called one of the agent specialist in HUD and he didn’t help me much; he told me to look up the houses by myself and when I want to bid the house then call him. well I guess it is not a big deal according to my budget I guess and I don’t want wasting his time either.
I saw the list on HUD or HUD PEMCO and then I saw several houses in that area. I wrote down the address and called my agent if the houses are available. He got back with me, and he said those properties are not longer available.
I googled the address and it showed active ( and I also search because Lithonia 30038 is in DeKalb county, and I didn’t see that particular house that I am looking for and then it showed in I search on it didn’t have Barrow county on the list. Now I was wondering how am I suppose to know if the properties are available in the market. I saw a lot of cheap houses in Lithonia area, and I like the area ; however, I become stressful knowing those houses are not in market anymore. Why the paper from HUD still attached on the window? I really need some one who really understand about HUD home and explain this situation to me. I don’t want to rent an apartment and burn all my money that my family had given to me. In Lithonia area the HUD houses are range from $10.000 to max. But there are so many HUD home already sold in the my budget.
Thank you so much.

Administrator answers:

Go on and you can see all the active properties for anywhere in the U.S. Make sure you read the property condition reports. Also you will see that they suggest getting a home inspection for any property before purchasing it. You can click on any property on the site for a real estate agent that is actually interested in selling these properties to you. A buyer’s agent is a good idea as well, but a listed HUD agent should be cooperative and lead you through the steps needed to buy any of these houses. They are actually easier than purchasing a normal house but you need to be informed. Good luck to you, I purchased several HUD houses over the years and was satisfied with all of them.

Paul asks…

What can I do to get out of here?

problem with mom. She is kicking me out again. I’m not sure what she is kicking me out for but she did get frustrated and angry about a lot of stuff . She said s a lot of stuff like me wanting to put the couch cushion covers in the washer, me not having a job, not doing things her way, dust in the house, I have 24 hours a day to do what I want, I don’t clean her house, dust causes respiratory problems, grandma thought she could bring me out here and I would change, she doesn’t have enough money for repairs, its costing her a lot in gas money to go to work, and other things. After a lot of being upset yesterday we took the trash to the dump and then she wanted to go to lunch where she offered to buy mine. I just sat in the car. When we got back she got angry and frustrated about the thing being off the vent in the bathroom. And that night she said something about me not going to move in with her into another place which somehow hurt (weird because I don’t like her). And also she used to clean her floorboards once a week to keep the dust out. She said a lot of ideas yesterday about what to do with this trailer-move out now, pay it off and rent it out for money to pay for rent on an apartment. I am feeling angry, hurt, and scared. I am a convicted felon. I can’t get a job. I live in a small town with no transportation, no grocery store, no dollar store, no library. I don’t want to be homeless here and I can’t think of a way to get out of town right now except for going to jail. (jail is in another town with more stuff) I also can’t rent an apartment partially due to being a convicted felon. I can’t get into a homeless shelter around here, I can’t stay with anybody, I can’t try to rent without money and transportation (and I don’t get along with people), I can’t get on a HUD waiting list, I can’t get housing through a mental health place, and I can’t get section 8. I am apologizing for writing this trying to be slightly nice. i am angry. Furthermore most of the time people don’t understand me. The only help most people have said is give my soul to Jesus or get a job. Now I am apologizing for the question I asked. Its written bad.

Administrator answers:

You need to make you your mind.

You don’t want to work, but you don’t want to be homeless either.

You need to pick one, work and support yourself, or don’t work and be homeless.

100% your choice.

Helen asks…

How do I handle this situation?

Okay, here’s the deal. My brother and I live in a one bedroom apartment on hud. I lost my job back in May, and was denied unemployment benefits for 8 weeks (they would only give 83 dollars a week) and of course I had to report this. The only income we have is my brother’s social security check that’s a little over 700 dollars and a little over 200 dollars in food stamps that we got in August.

I was told I had to look for full time work before I could get benefits, yet I cannot work full time due to medical reasons, and there is hardly any hiring in my area at all, not even part time, and I would have to lie to the unemployment office to get benefits. Everyone I’ve asked for advice has told me not to go back to the unemployment office, and also because of how much it would hurt us down the line to go, when I would not be getting benefits honestly. I have never received unemployment benefits in any amount.

My landlord, however, has said my rent will go up an extra 107 dollars because “you are entitled to the money, and will be charged whether you have it or not.” I have not been given a new lease with the new number for rent, nor have I been given reason how they can charge me for money I do not even receive, and they know I do not receive.

I’m not sending in the raised rent until I have it in writing, and why, because I think this whole thing is sketchy. I am sending in the amount I always send in, because being verbally told anything means nothing to me. People say they cannot charge me for income I do not receive. Is this the right thing to do? Honestly, I cannot afford this new rent.

What can be done about this? Also, I have requested the new lease with the new amount in writing, and requested the number to the office I send my rent to.

Administrator answers:

Why would monthly rent be based on your income? Read your lease. It probably says your rent is $X per month. I would find it very unusual for there to be an escalation clause in a residential lease. Why have you requested a new lease? Perhaps your current lease is about to expire and your landlord is raising the rent in the renewal. If your lease is not expiring, then don’t ask for a new lease. That’s agreeing to the increased rent. You’re right verbal changes mean nothing. The statute of Frauds requires all agreements concerning real estate be in writing.


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