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June 15, 2012

Ken asks…

If My Sister Is Homeless?

My sister is on HUD and she has to have her gas on durring the hud inspection if she’s going to keep her hud. She asked me if I would have the gas turned on in my name in her apartment so she could pass inspection and then have it turned off the next day. I said No because I am on SSI. I only have $200 let after I pay my rent. She’s really pissed off at me and is threatening to pack and live under a bridge. Is this really my fault?

Administrator answers:

Hey! Don’t listen to that! She is your SISTER! Its not okay for her to threaten you and make you feel guilty, but she doesnt mean those things, she is scared, and reaching out for help! You would hope she would do the same thing if the roles were reversed, help her out, and tell her to pay you back. If she never pays you back then you know better for next time, for now, she is family…and she needs you…

Ruth asks…

If My Sister Is Homeless Is It My Fualt?

My sister is on HUD and she has to have her gas on durring the hud inspection if she’s going to keep her hud. She asked me if I would have the gas turned on in my name in her apartment so she could pass inspection and then have it turned off the next day. I said No because I am on SSI. I only have $200 let after I pay my rent. She’s really pissed off at me and is threatening to pack and live under a bridge. Is this really my fault?

Administrator answers:

Don’t freak out! It is not your fault. :0

Steven asks…

Late fee charged on move-out damage cost?

OK, So we moved out of our apartment and as expected there were damage fees assessed for wall painting and drip pans and utility charge. I looked up on HUD if they could charge utility fees and they are not legally allowed to do so. So here is my question, I moved into different apartment in the same complex on 10/14/2011. They taped a letter to my door saying I need to pay the damages fee by 10/25/2011. Now this is not alot of time, considering I had to pay movers, a new deposit, pro-rated rent and have to pay rent on the 1st. I read my lease and it states “Any additional outstanding amounts will be due payable immediately. Any balances not paid in full witin 30 days after move out are subject to Collection processing, and reporting to the National Credit Bureau.” Now, they are trying to charge me a $100.00 late fee if payed after 10/25/2011. I have read my lease in full and nothing is stated about a late fee for damage cost. Is this legal? Can they charge me this fee? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!
OK, so if they can add late charges, shouldn’t this be listed in the leasing agreement since they have a very detailed late fee policy about late rent? This is not late rent, this is damages to the previous apartment. And it does not state in any part of the whole leasing agreement that they are going to charge a $100.00 late fee to the damages fee. And I am well aware that if I cleaned the previous apartment that I would not have fees. No need to be a dick. When I moved out of previous apartments they sent me a letter with damages costs and it was due within a month or so, and if not paid sent to collections, they didn’t add late fees to damages. I find this odd and like they are just trying to make a buck any way they can.

Administrator answers:

Anything not stated in your lease is not chargeable. Period.

I’m really not sure where the others are coming from stating this is standard practice and okay to do. You have a legal contract with them. They stated very clearly what the fees and process would be. Would this be acceptable if a credit card company tried it?

John asks…

Can we find a new place to live if one of us is unemployed?

We are desperate and need any advice that anyone can offer us! My fiance has been unemployed since December, and I JUST found a new job after being unemployed for a few months. Every place I’ve ever lived in has required proof of employment/income for all adults living in the home, which we obviously can’t provide for the both of us. He is receiving unemployment checks, so he does have a small source of income, just not stable employment.

We are in a situation where we don’t have any other options except to move to a new apartment, as our condo was sold by our landlord and the buyer will not be extending our lease. Are there government programs out there to help families in our situation? I’ve been advised to try HUD, but it takes too long to get approved and actually get placed into a new home. There is also “income restricted” communities, but not only do we not qualify for those (A family of 3 can’t bring home more than $34,500/year, which is less then I make alone), we also can’t afford their rent prices (They aren’t any cheaper than the rest of the communities in our area). My income is higher than the “income restricted” maximum, but not high enough to qualify us for a non-restricted community. I know that with the unemployment rate being what it is (9.1% in WA State), there must be a lot of other people in a similar situation. You lose your job, can’t afford your rent, get behind on your bills, and the next thing you know, you have to move to a place you can afford, but not before damaging your credit by being behind on your bills.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. And please don’t suggest that we move in with our parents or rent a room from someone else’s home. Our parents live in different states, and we have to have two bedrooms to accommodate our 7-year old daughter that lives with us.

And in response to Landlord… My fiance is NOT lazy. Never has been, never will be. There are laws that prohibit union apprentice employees to work outside of their union, where the call list is over 300. Considering there are many hard working people who do whatever they can to support their family, I think you should be ashamed of yourself for that remark. And no, we haven’t been applying for subsidized housing. I received the suggestion to check it out, and found that we make too much to qualify, even with myself being laid off for a few months. Let me guess… I’m lazy too?

Administrator answers:

No, you will not qualify for government programs, they all require that your BF works. It sounds like you have been applying for subsidized housing already, since they are requiring all adults to work. Apply with private landlords in non-subsidized housing. If there are income restrictions you are looking at housing projects, where part of your rent is paid by men less lazy then yours.

Sandra asks…

I am Disabled, on SDI, w/ MediCare, MediCAl, and Section 8 housing. I want to move from CA to OR…WHAT 2 DO?

I suffer from severe, chronic Depression and have been disabled for 14 years. I have lived alone in the same apartment for all 14 years and have been on Section 8 Housing Assistance, HUD, for 13 years. I receive both state MediCal and Federal MediCare Health insurance and I am a US Navy Veteran (not disabled w/ military and rarely use their services).

My depression has stayed more or less the same all these years and I feel that a change from the monotonous environment and weather would help. I have also been suffering from high blood pressure, a low immune system and menopause and can’t stand the heat. I’m miserable and am unable to exert myself in these warm conditions.

I live in San Diego, CA and want to move somewhere around the Portland, OR area. I lived there until I was 19 and loved the area. I think an environment that has a change of seasons with both rain and snow and lots of green scenery would be better for me than the present day in, day out, sunny and too hot, concrete jungle I have lived in for too many years.

I don’t have a car…figured I’d U-haul it up there…and buy a car in Oregon where they don’t have a state tax…So I would have to save for truck rental, gas, rent and deposit, and maybe the car…this will take me at least two years…

I have contacted some agencies in Oregon and in San Diego by phone and by email…but I am not getting anywhere in finding out how to transition between the two states…My depression is telling me to just give up…but… then I found this website…Sooooooo….


I would need to save money for the move…How do I save the money without having to claim it as an asset on my yearly evaluation forms for Section 8 and MediCal..
I need to transfer my Section 8 housing and find a
residence…before I moved…How do I do this.

I would need state or federal Health Insurance in Oregon…does MediCal and MediCare transfer? or Do I have to be re-evaluated after I move there.

I would need to transfer my Social Security Disability payments…OR…WOULD I HAVE TO BE RE-EVALUATED IN OREGON…to continue receiving SSDI?


Is there a SOCIAL or STATE or ADVOCATE AGENCY that could HELP ME arrange all these changes and help me make a smooth transition?

I’d be thankful for any feedback…it would be one step of progress made on this slow journey…Namaste’

Administrator answers:

You need to get with the program and get a J-O-B, and then when you are busy working, I bet you wont have time to be so depressed.

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