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June 30, 2012

Maria asks…

Is there apartments that are cheaper and base their rent off of your income? Spring Texas, or Houston?

Is there apartments that are cheaper and base their rent off of your income? Spring Texas, or Houston?
I’m looking for a cheap apartment but in a good area which is North of Houston in Spring. I need the rent to be as low as possible because I am a student and working off minimum wage right now. I know the HUD is not taking applications right now and they take even up to 2 years. So any suggestions ideas or advice? I need a cheap apartment in a good area…??

Administrator answers:

The only ones I know are HUD apartments. I’m sorry. Wish I knew about others. However, I’m not sure students qualify for HUD apartments. Can you find student apartments near your school. That is usually where most students get the best deals.

Sandy asks…

I live in subsided housing/hud… 30 percent of income?

HI my child,fiance and I living in an apartment that goes by 30 percent of your income. At the moment I go to school full time and our only income is my fiances unemployment check which equals to 178 a week AFTER taxes.
Our rent is 252 a month. They go by his unemployment check BEFORE taxes so they are going by $203. Seems like we are having such a difficult time coming up wit out rent every month. Is the price of our rent accurate? I tried figuring it out on my own.
203×4=812….30 % of 812=243.6
I just don’t understand why it’s 252 and not 243? Maybe because some months have 5 weeks?
They also claim we get a discount for having a child but I don’t think we do. I think we are being over charged if anything….Please let me know! Thank you!

Administrator answers:

203 x 52 weeks = 10,556. Divided by 12 months = 879.66. Divided by 30%= 263.89. So you are getting an 11.89 discount for your child.

If you can’t manage, looks like you better be looking for a job or get some student loans. Unemployment isn’t enough for 3.

Also, you don’t need to have taxes taken out of his check if you don’t expect o have to pay any taxes.

James asks…

How do i report a landlord?

Im’ on hud low income housing.I been kick out in a unfairly way.My newphew and his gf was visting me for 2 weeks and planing on going chicago and they stay at a motel at least 2 of the days.The landlord says they overstay there welcome and she wouldn’t let me explain and didn’t belive me and even shet the door in my face.She has the grass cut when ever she gets inspected and she let it grows when she not being inspected.The workers r lazy and hate to fix anything.They even have a truck to haul trash in the handicap place to park.Sence i been evicted i been told now i can’t get any other apartment now and b turnd down.Doe’s anyone know how long will i have to wait for i be able rent anymore?Is there anywhere i can report her?

Administrator answers:

To report your landlord to HUD, you would need to contact your local HUD office. You should have information that was given to you at your last annual recertification that tells you about how to contact HUD.

In order to have been evicted (if done by the book) the landlord should have provided you with documentation and it should also include contact numbers for HUD. You could use that you appeal your eviction, or at least get documentation that might say that the landlord overstepped the boundaries.

Many states also have free or low-cost legal aid for folks with housing problems. Many landlords have been successfully sued over wrongful evictions – that’s one of the reasons the lease has gotten so long, and you have to be given all the extra paperwork every year when you recertify.

If you feel you have good legal grounds, by all means contact HUD and your local legal aid, as they should be able to help you.


This is the website for HUD. On the right towards the top is a green tab that says “Information by State”. Click on that and find your state and go to their site, and look down the list for local state contacts.

Ken asks…

Are we in the wrong? (Nevada law and/or landlords)?

I live in the state of Nevada with a roommate. We live in a townhouse style apartment with homes on the second story and garages underneath. About a month ago the washer overflowed and our landlord sent in an emergency restoration team to tear up carpet, drywall, etc. 3 weeks later he sent a non English speaking man (contractor?) And what I believed was illegal workers in to fix the drywall. Carpet is still damaged. The emergency team members told me they couldn’t be sure what the problem was. Landlord was very very upset and didn’t want to pay for it. Asked us what we would do if it was our stuff? Today we received a letter by mail telling us that we are to pay the full amount of repairs totaling well over 1000$ and we could leave without breaking the lease. Also our security deposit would be forfeit. Or he would add 200$ a month for the remainder of our lease which is another year and a half to pay for the damage. My roommate and I do not think this is right. Another issue is that we simply cannot afford it. I was recently laid off and struggling with unemployment so the money I have goes to bills and my roommate is engaged and expecting twins. The state of repair that the washer, dishwasher, and master shower and toilet were in were poor from when we moved in. We believe that the washer overflowed because the landlord didn’t maintain any of the appliances but told us everything was in perfect condition.

So there it is. Our landlord doesn’t want to pay for the damages to the house and is trying to force us to. We’re scared to even use the washer again. We’ve paid our rent for the month of march but we have until the 15th to decide what we want to do or else he will evict us. Not sure what’s legal and what’s not but we need to know what will happen if we go to court and if there’s anyway HUD or something similar will give us an attorney for free or cheap

Administrator answers:

He cannot force you to pay for the washer overflowing unless it was intentionally done by you (or if you put a washer in yourself when there wasn’t supposed to be one).

Keep a record of him trying to pin the bills on you, and when he tries to evict you, contest it in court. Your side will win.

Make sure you have arrangements as you may be able to break the lease legally at that point, and should have a new place available to move to.

Steven asks…

Does an apartment owner have to give me a copy of the signed application?

I applied at a new senior housing development tax property called Rittenhouse in downtown Los Angeles, CA (owned by TSA properties and regulated by HUD and the city housing authority). I filled out signed the application and authorized the employer, rent, and credit checks. During the interview but before the end of it I was repeatedly harassed about my income and told “You are going to have to move out because I can see your income is going to be too high.” The owner has refused to supply me with copies of the application and the three checks that were done.

Administrator answers:

The application belongs to them, I do not think they have to give you a copy of it without a court order.

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