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Your Questions About In Plain View

April 18, 2013

Richard asks…

How come my friends are still in plain view on Facebook?

I literally just made my FB account 10 minutes ago. I selected friends only in ALL sections of the “privacy” tab (including the “search” tab). However, the one friend that I’ve added so far, still appears when someone else views my profile. Someone said it’s b/c I only have 1 friend so far and it does this w/ a small amt of friends? I don’t think so? Please help – thanks soooo much :-)

Administrator answers:

Dude G is right, the box will show up to 6 of your friends profile photos (in miniature) at random. To see the full-size photo or your friend’s wall they must also be friends with them. Facebook has very good privacy settings but the default setting isn’t good and most people never seem to bother with changing them. You can set it so even your profile is only visible to friends as well as keeping your applications from spamming all your friends wall with your slow rise in Mafia Wars or whatever. Check under settings, there are options for account, privacy and application.

You can even view your profile page the way others can view it by typing their name. Go to Settings>Privacy>Profile to do this.

Sandy asks…

Is a rolled up dollar bill in plain view, enough to consititute a valid vehicle search w/o need for consent?

Does this give the police the right to search my vehicle without consent, just because they saw this during a traffic stop for cell phone?

Administrator answers:

Yes, probably. The USSC has given police very broad and vague powers in deciding what constitutes probable cause. I’m assuming of course that you are a law-abiding citizen that doesn’t use that bill for snorting illegal drugs. The best advice is have nothing in plain view that looks remotely suspicious. You don’t even want to get police thinking along those lines or you’re in for a lot of hassle.

As for me, I would never give police permission to search my car.

Nancy asks…

Is it legal for me to carry my 5inch fixed blade on a belt-sheath in plain view in california?

I have just recently bought a Smith&Wesson Search and Rescue CKSUR1 (The blade itself is 5inches long) and I was wondering if it was legal for me to wear it on my belt out in public.

Administrator answers:

It would not be a violation of state law, but it might violate a local ordinance.

Chris asks…

Is it illegal to carry a pocket knife in plain view in California? (LA county area)?

Hi, I recently bought a messenger bag and was wondering if it is illegal to clip my pocket knife on the outside of my bag in California around the LA county area. The blade is roughly 3.25 inches and is a liner lock. Again, I was wondering if it is illegal to clip it to the outside of my bag in plain view of the public.

Thanks in advance.

Administrator answers:

Yes, in Los Angeles County and City, it is illegal to carry a pocket knife with a blade longer than 3 inches in plain view. The rest of California is mostly different

LA County Ordinances:

“13.62.010 Knives and daggers defined.
As used in this chapter, the terms “knives and daggers” shall include any knife having a blade of three inches or more in length; any spring-blade, switch-blade or snap-blade knife; any knife any blade of which is automatically released by a spring mechanism or other mechanical device; any ice pick or similar sharp stabbing tool; any straight-edge razor or any razor blade fitted to a handle. (Ord. 11915 § 1, 1979.)

13.62.020 Carrying knives and daggers in plain view prohibited.
It is unlawful for any person to carry on his person, in plain view, any knife or dagger.”

City of Los Angeles Municipal Code:

“Muni Code, SEC. 55.10. CARRY KNIVES OR DAGGERS IN PLAIN VIEW PROHIBITED. (Added by Ord. No. 162,995, Eff. 1/7/88.)

(a) As used in this section, the term knife or dagger shall include any knife, dirk or dagger having a blade 3 inches or more in length, any ice pick or similar sharp tool, any straight edge razor or any razor blade fitted to a handle.
(b) No person shall wear or carry in plain view any knife or dagger upon any public street or other public place or in any place open to the public.”

In the rest of California (Except on school grounds), it is perfectly legal to carry concealed or exposed a folding blade knife of ANY length. A fixed blade of any length must be carried openly. So, for example, if you have a folding machete, you can carry it concealed. If you have a broadsword, you have to carry it exposed. Those are extreme examples to show the upper limits of the law.

So in LA, you can carry that knife but it must be concealed.

Jenny asks…

Is it legal to carry a handgun in plain view if you have a permit?

I saw a guy coming out of the store with a pistol in a holster but he was in street clothes and he didnt have a badge or anything like that but my friend said it was legal because its not concealed.

Administrator answers:

It differs from State to State, to be sure check your States Law on
Weapon permits.

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