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Your Questions About In Plain View Band

March 9, 2013

Mary asks…

Some good band suggestions?

I’m looking for good bands, I like music thats a combination of screaming and singing. The bands that most appealing to me are ones comparable with…
a skylit drive
a thorn for every heart
across five aprils
the almost
amber pacific
armor for sleep
bullet for my valentine
bring me the horizon
circa survive
city and colour
dance gavin dance
drop dead, gorgeous
eyes set to kill
from first to last
grace gale
hidden in plain view
the higher
i killed the prom queen
madina lake
norma jean
the receiving end of sirens
relient k
say anything
scary kids scaring kids
the scene aesthetic
self against city
the spill canvas
they sleep they dream
this providence
trophy scars
the used

Administrator answers:

CKY is the BEST
and HIM too

William asks…

Band face off (pt. 2)..If your board and want to hear new music?

==-=-=-=-=-=-=-=–read first=-=-=-=-=——=-=-=-
The purpose of this is for you to find new music. If your bored and wanna find new music than listen to these bands. There is a large mix in here. Choose who you think the better band is. If you dont know them look them up on myspce! because there are probably alot of bands you never heard before. Also if you know one band dont just choose them..listen to the other band and compair and who knows you mite like the other band better!!

Here we go!

bush vs. foo fighters
as cities burn vs. holding onto hope
P.O.S. vs. Cecil otter
anti-flag vs. bad religion
fireworks vs. This time next year
burden of a day vs. In fear and faith
Lost ocean vs. Turn off the stars
Rush vs. Led zepplin
Paper route vs. The myrid
The maine vs. the secerate handshake
anberlin vs. ivoryline
Mos def vs. talib kweli
Hidden in plain view vs. sparks the rescue
The last goodnight vs. Young love
minus the bear vs. As tall as lions

Administrator answers:

1. Foo Fighters
2. As Cities Burn
3. Cecil Otter
6.In Fear And Faith
7.Lost Ocean
8.Led Zeppelin
9.Paper Route
10. The Maine
11. Ivoryline
12.Mos Def
13. Sparks The Rescue
14. The Last Goodnight
15.As Tall As Lions

Michael asks…

=] Which band/artist is your favorite out of these and why?

Self Against City
Minus The Bear
Tori Amos
Meg & Dia
The Last Goodnight
Her Space Holiday
Young Love
Of Montreal
Daphne Loves Derby
Escape The Fate
Death Cab For Cutie
The Postal Service
Boys Like Girls
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Family Force 5
The Audition
Hidden In Plain View
The Matches
No Use For A Name
Q And Not U
Pretty Girls Make Graves
Le Tigre
Blonde Redhead
Regina Spektor
Arctic Monkeys
We Are Scientists
The Sounds
The Shins

Mine’s a tie between Meg & Dia and Daphne Loves Derby.
Sparky, if that’s what you consider most of those bands, then you’ve obviously never heard Regina Spektor, Tori Amos, Eisley, or Stars =|

Administrator answers:


Chris asks…

What is the coolest band name you listen to?

Mine would probably be

Porcupine Tree
Catnip tea
Hit The Lights
Porcelain and the Tramps
Hidden In Plain View
Jealously Curve
How did i know you would say Porcupine Tree?
And i forgot
Spock’s Beard.

Thanks Sarah
In The Morning And Sambang’s:

Yes The Number 12 Looks Like You is a cool band name. They also have cool song names. Really who comes up with song names such as Like a Cat, or Don’t Get Blood On My Prada Shoes. They are a good band too.
VickyStarr: Yes i do find their list funny. Why would you put that, everyone knows who they are. If i were answering this question i would pick bands that no one has heard of.
As for Sneaker Pimps, I agree with you 100% That name is so dorky and it makes me want to see what they sound like.
Shotgun Nick: I guess you could name all the cool band names you have heard of too.

Administrator answers:

Neutral Milk Hotel
Animal Collective
The Arcade Fire
Andrew Bird (awesome birth name)
Ben Folds (another awesome birth name)
Camera Obscura
Peter Bjorn and John
Vampire Weekend
Thao with the Get Down Stay Down

You’ve heard them all, yeah, but the names really resonated with me. Oh, and Ferraby Lionheart. That one’s so pretentious.

I would have to argue that my favourite band, though, is Rilo Kiley. The name bears no significance as far as I know, but I love their music.

Lisa asks…

Do you think this is a good song?

It’s; Garden Srarement-Hidden In Plain View.
I personally love the band and the song. But I was just wondering if you guys liked it?
Not a lot of people know this band.

Administrator answers:

Yes it is. Music and the slide show of images is really very nice. Thanks for sharing.

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