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Your Questions About In Plain View Band

July 13, 2013

David asks…

Anyone know of any bands like these?

Bullet For My Valentine, Trivium, Avenged Sevenfold, Vanna, Escape the Fate?
And if not how about these?
Mae, Hidden In Plain View, Radiohead, Pilot Speed?

Administrator answers:

For bfmv, a7x etc… There are bands like: As I lay dying, the defiled, from first to last, the used, metallica, POD, queen adreena, slayer, 30 seconds to mars, rammstein,atrayu…

For bands like radiohead there is…Suede, the stone roses, the smiths, placebo, pulp, elastica…

Hope this helps!

Maria asks…

Survey for PARAMORE fans?

I’ve asked this before, but I changed it a little and I want more answers =]

1. How long have you been a fan?

2. How did you find out about Paramore?

3. What is your favorite song from All We Know Is Falling?

4. What is your favorite song from RIOT!?

5. What is your favorite song NOT by Paramore?

6. What genres of music do you usually listen to?

7. Have you heard of/do you like any of these bands?

Meg & Dia
Daphne Loves Derby
The Spill Canvas
The Like
Dear And The Headlights
Self Against City
Hidden In Plain View

(If you haven’t listened to these bands yet, please give them a try!)

8. How old are you and what grade are you in?

9. Have you ever seen Paramore live? If so, how was it? Did you get to meet any of the band members?

10. What other bands do you like?

Thanks =]

Administrator answers:

1. Only about a year


3. Brighter

4. Born for this

5. Hmmm….i don’t know…i have a lot

6. Alternative, pop-punk, skate-punk, “emo”, that kind of thing

7. I’ve heard of most of them, and daphne loves derby rox my sox!!!!

8. I’m in 7th grade

9. Never… ): i might in december if i can get tix.

10. Cobra starship, the beatles, +44, system of a down, incubus, blink 182, cute is what we aim for, silversun pickups, modest mouse, fob, p!atd, the academy is…, interpol, nirvana, 30 seconds to mars, the cribs, so many more….

Ken asks…

you like thesebands?

chiodos, circa survive, emery, red jumpsuit apparatus, plain white t’s, underoath, my chemical romance, i am the avalanch, Sparta, saosin, acceptance, Panic! At the Disco, mae, hidden in plain view?? if you like any of these bands let me know and tell me what you think each bands best song is…
this is the best one

listen to “the words best friend become redefined
thats the best song ever!!!

Administrator answers:

I love a lot of those bands..i especially LOVE My Chemical Romance!!
Wow, you have some good music taste~

Thomas asks…

Can you give me some new bands to listen to?

Bands like:
A Static Lullaby
Between The Trees
Cinematic Sunrise
Envy On The Coast
Hidden In Plain View
Mayday Parade
Mercy Mercedes
Peirce The Veil
The Years Gone By

please suggest bands :)

Administrator answers:

Four Year Strong
Brand New
Bless The Fall
Attack Attack!
We Came As Romans
Bring Me The Horizon
Circa Survive
Dance Gavin Dance
Escape The Fate
From First To Last
I See Stars
I Set My Friends On Fire
Of Mice & Men
A Rocket To The Moon
Set Your Goals
The Used

Sandy asks…

Any of these pop/punk bands make any “well known” mainstream music?

I know there are a lot of people who would say a lot of these bands are good but what im looking for is someone to tell me which bands are famous and made well known songs or one hit wonders. Just name the band. You don’t have to name the song. Thank you everybody.

The Cab
Cinematic Sunrise
Cobra Starship
The Copyrights
Cute Is What We Aim For
The Cellophanes

División Minúscula
The Dollyrots
The Donnas
Driving East
Dropout Year
Dynamite Boy

The Ergs!
Even in Blackouts
Every Avenue
Everyday Sunday
Fenix TX
The Fight
Fight Fair
FM Static
The Fold
Forever the Sickest Kids
# Four Year Strong
The Friday Night Boys
Framing Hanley
Generation X
Ghoti Hook
Goodnight Nurse
Groovie Ghoulies

Hawk Nelson
Hey Monday
Hidden in Plain View
Hit the Lights
Home Grown
Houston Calls

Ian Erix

The Jam
Jet Lag Gemini

Karate High School
Kids in Glass Houses

Left Front Tire
The Leftovers
Less than Jake
The Lillingtons
Lights Out Dancing
Lucky 7
Lucky Boys Confusion

Marianas Trench
The McRackins
Melody Fall

Motion City Soundtrack
The Movielife

Name Taken
New Found Glory
New Years Day
No Use for a Name
Not by Choice

One Buck Short
Over It

Permanent Me
Plain White T’s
Pointed Sticks

The Queers

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Riddlin’ Kids

Saves the Day
Scenes from a Movie
Scuba Dice
Screeching Weasel
Set Your Goals
Short Stack
Simple Plan
Sing it Loud
Slick Shoes
Son of Dork
Stars Don’t Fall
The Starting Line
Stellar Kart
Student Rick
The Summer Obsession
Surf Punks

Teen Idols
Teenage Bottlerocket
There for Tomorrow
Treble Charger

The Unlovables
Unwritten Law


The Wonder Years

You Me At Six

Administrator answers:

Cobra starship w/ good girls go bad
cartel w/ honestly
plain white t’s- 1234
simple plan- a bunch of songs
red jumpsuit apparatus- face down
paramore- misery buisiness
cute is what we aim for- practice makes perfect
forever the sickest kids- hey brittany and woah

those are the most famous i would say

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