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Your Questions About In Plain View Band

August 13, 2012

Linda asks…

anyone else listen to/like the band hidden in plain view?

i love thier style.

Administrator answers:

Sure do. I have 2 of their cds

Carol asks…

Rock bands similar to Saosin, Hidden in Plain View, Bright Eyes, Underoath… Etc?

Hey guys or girls. Anyone into punk/rock/screamo or emo or watever u wanna classify these type of bands… I want to know of some good bands that sound similar, main stream, underground, or local bands are kool, just give me their myspace or purevolume. Thanks!

Administrator answers:


Lisa asks…

Looking for bands similar to Halifax, Hidden in Plain View, Lorene Drive, Over it, Senses Fail.?

Old My Chemical Romance, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Administrator answers:


Daniel asks…

need more early emo bands like brand new, saves the day, hidden in plain view?

Hello. i’m looking for more early emo bands from late 90′s +. Bands like brand new, saves the day, hidden in plain view, hot rod circuit, early november, matchbook romance, (old) taking back sunday, two tongues.
I know emo didnt start in the late 90′s ..thats just want kida bands i was looking for.
To the comments below..i do listen to metal/deathmetal and punk..i just like some early emo
and to the first comment..none of those bands are emo…some are even metal/deathcore..can anyone help!
and to the first comment..none of those bands are emo…some are even metal/deathcore..can anyone help!

Administrator answers:

Say Anything
The Ataris
The Get Up Kids
New Found Glory
Riddlin Kids
The Starting Line
Something Corporate
Further Seems Forever
The Juliana Theory
Jimmy Eat World
My American Heart
The Movielife
Senses Fail

Lizzie asks…

I am the manager of a band and looking for a paying venue in the WI/IL area.?

The Movement is here… Lead by singer/songwriter Myke Goldberg, The Movement is an up-and-coming band flooding the Milwaukee, WI area. Much of the music can be found on Youtube and is making its way into your headphones.

Unlike many of today’s bands, The Movement’s music focuses on passion, experience, and life. By restoring heart-pounding guitar solos, technical percussion, and anthem-like lyrics to the pop-punk scene, the band is sure to be a hit amongst many listeners. The band‘s music carries catchy riffs and melodies as well as maintains a heavy lyrical base in which their music is derived from.

The band‘s influences come from a wide range of bands including: Brand New, Hidden in Plain View, Emery, Finch, The Rocket Summer, and much more to list…

The band‘s sound has been compared to bands such as: Fall Out Boy, All Time Low, The Cab, The Higher, Mayday Parade, Hit the Lights, and Yellowcard. In reality, you’ll just have to hear for yourself and develop your own opinion.

Please check him out on Facebook!

Thanks for supporting and being a part of The Movement.

Administrator answers:

An up and coming band that needs to resort to YA for finding gigs…they must be awesome!!

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