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Your Questions About In Plain View Book

December 9, 2012

George asks…

Is it illegal to look at a book containing pornographic images while you are at a Borders bookstore?

I went to Borders and they had a pile of book (not magazines) about Playboy’s 50th anniversary. They were in plain view and not in a plastric wrap, so I grabbed a copy and started sifting through its pages. I think some people noticed that I was looking at pictures of naked women and were probably not too happy about it (but then again, the book was at the bookstore available for anyone to see).

Could I have gotten in trouble if I had been caught looking at that book at a public place?

(It’s disturbing that such books are in plain sight for anyone, even kids, to see.)

Administrator answers:

I worked in a bookstore for quite a while, and we actually carried that book. Because it contained nudity and we had many children that came in to the store, we kept it in the plastic and behind the counter.

BUT, in the Sexuality sections, anyone could pick up a fully illustrated copy of the Kama Sutra. Anyone. We didn’t have any rules restricting minors from picking up and looking at books in that section, but I made a point of going over into the section when kids were there to either make them uncomfortable with my presence, or blatantly say to them that the kids section is at the back of the store. Legally, I had no place to say anything to them.

If the book is on the shelf, and in plain sight, you have a right to look at it. If it is considered art or literature and not pornography, then it is protected by the First Amendment. Look as long as you want, I say, just do it in a way that doesn’t offend other people who don’t feel like staring at nudity.

Laura asks…

Do you know or can you refer me to a book or website where I can find out detail information on how all those?

climbers who perished while attempting to climb the Eiger were retrieved, is it true that one guy was left dead for three years while hanging on a rope in plain view from the Eiger wall’s window I believe it was about 50 years ago? Did they leave all the skeletons up there?

Administrator answers:

Amazon possibly,

They have forums where you can discuss topics.

Nancy asks…

How do I go about catching the person who stole my purse aside from letting the police handle it?

My purse was stolen last night from my car. I have a two door car and the purse was “hidden” in the back passenger seat floorboard with a shopping sack over it. The thief had to of been watching me put it there because my back passenger window was busted out and my purse is the ONLY thing they took. My cd book was laying in plain view on the seat and everything (RIGHT next to my Bible may I add!). I have already canceled my credit and debit card, filed a police report, and found out the location of the transactions the robber has made. The police officer said that the detective assigned to my case would contact wal-mart to view video footage, but I know that there is alot of other “more important” cases that need more attention so, I would like to do everything I can possibly do to catch this person.

I know you’re probably thinkin: Wow! It’s just a purse… If ya canceled your cards and made a police report, just let the cops do their job.
Well, to an extent I kinda agree BUT my purse had something that is irreplaceable in it. My boyfriend’s bestfriend passed away and my boyfriend gave me his friends favorite knife. Although some people think that a knife can be replaced, everything it means to me (and my boyfriend) can’t be replaced…

If anybody has any suggestions on what action I can take PLEASE! let me know.


Administrator answers:

Put adds up in gas stations and in the newspaper offering a REWARD for the return of your purse and contents.

Mention the knife specifically, make the reward as large as you can comfortably afford.

My purse got stolen when I was in college, I offered a reward, and got the purse back. (Minus my ‘white girl’ makeup. The girl that took it was black.)

I know how a deceased friends belongings can be treasured, I have my friend’s dog that was in the room with him when he passed. Nothing can take that dog away from me!

Charles asks…

Would you guys Read a book about………..?

would you read a book about a young man who gets kidnapped getting of a bus stop by some people who call themselves “the chosen of God” and take him to an “alcoholic rehab center” building in plain view, that is unoccupied but nobody knows. Anyways there are other people in the building with him and theres no way to escape, actually theres about 3O other people. Their forced to package things for companies but are treated like slaves. They can yell all they want but nobody heares them. Occasionally they are tortured and other gruesome stuff like that. They have to eat soup made of rotten vegitables and when they get injured, most die from infection because they arent looked at by real doctors. The people who force them to work are kind of like “cult” and are crazy. The young man is there for about four months and must live through a bunch of horrors. Even though he is reported missing by his family, the police never susupect of looking in an alcoholic rehab center which seems to be in business. By the way all this takes place in San Francisco. (Something like this actually did happen, it came out on the news, although not S.F.)

Let me know what you think though,

OH and he and other eventually escape just so you know =}

Administrator answers:

Personally no I wouldn’t read it, but then I was in San Francisco during the late 60 and early 70 and did a lot of work with kids on drugs then, I know the problems that exist in rehab centers.

Steven asks…

I found an ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA pledge book in the library?!?

I asume rush is going on at this time. I want to pledge A.K.A. so I have been going to events here and there but I am a freshman so next year it’s my turn. But today while I was in the library there it was!!!! it was sitting on a table in plain view so i picked up. I want to return it to one of the members because im an honest person but at the same time I want to keep it for myself what do I do? also the person who lost their book wouldn’t they get in trouble?
i go to a school in illinois i won’t say the name

Administrator answers:

I’d say to return it to the owner if at all possible (notice I didn’t say to the AKA’s!) It’s the right thing to do, besides…who knows what kind of good karma you could get from this…

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