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Your Questions About In Plain View Book

July 28, 2013

Helen asks…

Should I be feeling anxious over this matter?

My wife has access to some of my E-mail accounts and personal information. I have no problem with it. But is there a line that must be drawn for one’s privacy?

My wife keeps asking me to give her my login information for my college. She would see my grades, E-mails, etc. She wants to view my book list, because she wants to look into possibly renting textbooks for this semester for me. We are very low in terms of available money. She keeps bringing it up again and again and again that she wants me to log in to my account. But I am nervous about doing so, because the browser strictly says to log out once you are finished, but she wants to keep it open so that she can look at my book lists, etc. I am very nervous about. I have explained to her that I do not want to keep that page open. She now wants my password and ID for my college account. I just plain don’t want to give it to her. I am not trying to hide anything. I just want a little bit of privacy. Am I in the wrong here? How can we resolve this matter?

Administrator answers:

I think she’s being ridiculous. If she wants to view your book list, she can view it WITH you, there is no necessity for her to view any of that information on her own. It is NOT her school, not her courses.

Tell her it is against the schools policy to give out that information. It’s a lame excuse, but you shouldn’t need any excuse at all.

You say there is email attached to your college account, perhaps she wants to access that to ‘check up’ on you? (Since you say she has access to your other email etc).

Explain to her that you aren’t hiding anything & would like for her to respect your boundaries.

Charles asks…

Question on childhood book titled dog?

I remember reading a book at the library titled plain and simple “Dog” yet when I search to find the author I can never find it. It was from a dogs point of view in which I remember he was drowned as a pup because he was a mutt, ran away and lived in the garbage dump, whent to the pound, was adopted or something and was given the name dog. I also remember at some point in the book he got himself in the washing machine? I also remember the book cover was plain white background with a small gray dog facing side view in the middle of the cover. I would very much appreciate if anyone could remember this book and tell me the authors name because it’s been killing me for a while now not knowing. Thanks!!!

Administrator answers:

Going by the cover description, this might be Dog by Daniel Pennac.

James asks…

Is there an App. for Mac Books that allows you to write reminder notes on your desktop/wallpaper?

I want something similar to the stickypad app, but id like it to be the entire background screen. So instead of a picture as a back ground, id like to have one giant sticky pad or something so i can keep reminder notes on my desktop – in plain view. Thanks for you help!

Administrator answers:


Ken asks…

I need a new book to read, can anyone give me some ideas.?

I usually read a lot but Im having trouble finding any book that Im particularly interested in reading.
I read almost anything but at the moment Im in the mood for just a plain old romance but any other suggestions would be great.
Ive read Twilight, Noughts and Crosses, Animal Farm, 1984, A Room With A View, Harry Potter and a lot more.

Administrator answers:

I think you’d really like His Dark Materials- Philip Pullman or Uglies by Scott Westerfield. These are some of my favourites and I also like Noughts and crosses, Twilight and Harry Potter e.g.

Robert asks…

which book would be the easiest/most interesting to do a book review over?

i have never even heard of any of these books ..

Only Yesterday
Since Yesterday
Democracy in America
Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglas
Storytelling Stone
Civil Disobediance
Witchcraft at Salem
The Devil in Massachusettes
Life on the Mississippi
The Puritan Dilemna
Last Full Measure
Undaunted Courage
Drawn With A Sword
Common Sense
Gone With The Wind
Rise To Rebellion
All For The Union
The Crisis
Sam Houston
Life of an American Slave
Gone For Soldiers
The Way West
Founding Mothers
A Stillness At Appomattox
Mr. Lincoln’s Army
Up Front
Glory Road
The Good War
Uncle Tom’s Cabin
The Final Days
Plain Speaking
Killer Angels
Purple Heart Valley
Gods and Generals
Here Is Your War
Autobiography of Malcolm X
Frontier Thesis in American History
The Great Plains
Communist Manifesto
Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee
I Well Remember
Custer Died For Your Sins
Hidden In Plain view
Dances With Wolves
Fallen Angels
Roughing It
The Sorrow of War
Response To Industrialism
A Rumor of War
Clarence Darrow for the Defense
Brave Men
The Jungle
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
Following The Color Line
Bang The Drum Slowly
Theory of the Leisure Class
Behind The Lines
All quiet On The Western front
John Adams
Animal Farm
Upstairs At The White House
Having Our Say
Mein Kampf
Brother Can You Spare A Dime
Dear America: Letters Home
Hard Times
Fail Safe
The Grapes of Wrath
All The President’s Men
Inherit The Wind
Khrushchev Remembers

Administrator answers:

Among the most interesting are Hiroshima (Hersey), Autobiography of Malcolm X, and Roughing It (Twain). If the Civil Disobedience is the essay by Henry David Thoreau, it is among the shortest.

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