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Your Questions About In Plain View Law

August 27, 2012

Donna asks…

Is anyone aware of any guidelines or laws concerning the display of adult oriented magazines in plain view?

Is there any regulation regarding this type of thing? The covers of some of these magazines can be quite revealing & not the type of thing I want my child to see as I stop in to pick up groceries. I thought these mags had to be sold in a wrapper or behind the counter. Any ideas how I might research this? (A general keyword search on google didn’t provide much info.) Thanks for your help.

Administrator answers:

The type of regulation or law that you are looking for pertaining to display of pornography is probably of local or municipal jurisdiction, and therefore I would ask the question of a city councillor.

John asks…

In New York State what is the law about carrying a knife in the car?

I have (approximately) an 8 inch buck knife (in a sheath that buttons closed and securely) that I carry with me in my car. I was pulled over once for a loud muffler and told the police officer that the blade was there and he just kept an ey on it an said it was fine. It’s in plain view between my center console and passenger seat. But now my friends are telling me it’s illegal because of its length…and the fact that its a weapon…someone please clarify.

Administrator answers:

Here is a site with NY knife laws.

Thomas asks…

“Carrying concealed” – can anyone in the US explain this law?

I live in Britain, where even thinking about guns is illegal, so I don’t understand this stuff. Does it mean that you are allowed to walk around town armed to the teeth, as long as you hold your guns in plain view, rather than putting them in your pockets? Seems a little strange to me… Can any Americans out there fill me in? Does it vary according to which state you are in?

Administrator answers:

It means that the arms can be put in your pocket and concealed, as opposed to carrying them in the open.

Laura asks…

Do You See Anything Wrong With People Carrying Guns To Presidential Demonstrations?

In certain parts of the country they have open carry laws permitting you to carry weapons in full plain view.

In the places they are allowed some are carrying holstered pistols and a few men brought AR-15 assault rifles.

Do you see anything wrong at all with this since the law allows it?

Administrator answers:

Not when it’s used strictly for demostration purposes. These people were well within their rights and they were using those rights to make a statement about gun control (that they are against it or whatever). They didn’t try to start trouble, they wanted shock factor and got it, and that’s it. Exercising their rights, and no there’s nothing wrong with that.
Attempting violence on the other hand, yeah that would be very very wrong.

David asks…

Someone told me you can carry a pistol in Indiana and Kentucky without a license as long as it is visible?

I thought they had carry conceal only but she says the law in kentucky allows you to carry as long as it is in plain view. She says she knows kentucky does but not sure about Indiana. Is she right? What is the scoop on this topic? What about other states too? Help please! Thanks.

Administrator answers:

I recommend that you interview several Attorneys in your jurisdiction if you plan to carry a firearm.

I recommend that you follow the advice of the Attorneys.

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