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June 28, 2013

Donald asks…

Why do people ask questions they already know the answer to?

I was watching a TV show about a lesbian couple. I had this doubt in my mind about if whether lesbians or gays had it harder to come out and live their lives. So I went to yahoo, until I ran across this ignorant person asking the following question:;_ylt=AqS00em7I00PoP2pf6VWPlYjzKIX;_ylv=3?qid=20090131221554AATuYG9

Ok, with all that in mind, I don’t understand why would this person seek an answer that he/she will not take into consideration for him/herself to learn and become a better person. So, he/she asked this question but chose the best answer as someone who has the same point of view as him/herself. I know that everyone has their own mind and beliefs, therefore, entitled to their own opinions. But why come to a place where there are people with different perspectives and ask such a controversial question only to say no one else knows what they are talking about.

In other words, why ask something that you already know the answer to (like this person does). I don’t understand… Isn’t Yahoo! Answers a place to ask questions in hope to seek an answer you don’t already know? (Sorry for my ignorance… but I just can’t understand these kind of narrow-minded, ignorant, idiotic, bigoted and just plain homophobic people).

Administrator answers:

It happens… Same as with race.
Why are people racist toward latinos? What about freedom?
I think people will always be this way. I personally don’t have anything toward lesbians, gays, bis, trans, or black, white, hispanic, asian, indian, or religion, Atheists, nothing. The world is big enough for it to have different people with different minds, different beliefs, different looks, different opinions. It just disgusts me how people are prejudice and judge anyone who looks or thinks differently than themselves.

Nancy asks…


Which song is interesting to you wild ones by florida or call me maybe by carly rae jepsen?
Who would you have sex with Adele or Miley Cyrus?
Which show makes you laugh more The Big Bang Theory or Family Guy?
Who is the most beautiful woman Beyonce or Jennifer Lopez?
What background of race do you have?
Do you have siblings?
What are your religious views?
Where do you shop Old Navy or A & F?
In 10 years in the future what will happen to Joan Rivers?
What makes you smile?
Are you sexually active?
Are you a regretful person?
Are you a sinful person?
Do you hate being mean to others?
Do you have a bully in your life?
What do you want when you die? catholics eternal life or atheists nothing at all
What languages do you speak?
What is your native tongue?
How old are you?
Do you parents speak perfect english?
Have you been arrested and got a DUI?
Is Lindsay Lohan really changing her awful ways?
Do you believe Beyonce is beautiful?
Do you believe Jennifer Hudson’s commericals about Weight Watchers are annoying?
Are you feeling sorry for Whitney Houston’s demons?
What do you think about the Trayvon Martin case?
Is the Angelina Jolie Pose at the 2012 Oscars exciting to you to look at?
Do you believe in Santa Claus when you were a child?
Are you excitied for Carly Rae Jepsen to sing in your town?
Is Ellen Degeneres funny?
Is Joan Rivers on Fashion Police funny or rude?
Is Britney Spears on X Factor?
Is Wendy Williams a hot woman?
Is Lady Gaga on hiatus?
Is Dora The Explorer your favorite show when you were a kid?
Is Spongebob’s laugh funny or annoying?
Is Ina Garten a good cook?
Did Paula Deen’s Diabetes shock you on the news?
Is Maria Aragon your favorite youtube sensation?
Is Jessie Slaughter annoying for crying and acting like a bitch?
Does Giuliana Rancic have breast cancer?
What do you think about Kim and Kanye getting together as a couple?
What did you think about the flour bomb to kim kardashian?
Is Judge Judy fair about listening to people’s cases?
Is Charlie Sheen still working?
Is Ashton Kutcher on Two and a half men a really good actor replacing charlie sheen?
Is Oprah WInfrey’s show cancelled?
Is The Jersey Shore Untalented?
Are the kardashians doing the tv show for money or talent?
Where you happy for kate middleton’s wedding on april 29 2011?
Who dresses better in red carpets angelina jolie or jennifer aniston?
If Joan Rivers came to your town to judge what your wearing what would you do?
Is Kelly Osbourne hot?
Are you excited for summer vacation?
What do you want to be when you grow up?
What grades are you getting in school?
When you use the term retarded are you offending the retarded or saying it because they are plain old stupid?
What brand of cellphone are you using?
Do you own a tv?
Do you use cable?
What body wash do you use to clean your body?

Administrator answers:

Too many dayum questions azzhole!!! <3

Helen asks…

Why did the Romans remove my question ?

I only asked, is the criowns law corrupt ?

Is the Law corrupt ?
I believe it is. If it were just then the law would not belong to the crown.The law would not have small print,and it would be plain to understand by all,not a select few.The law is used by those who understand it to fleece the simple masses out of there cash. Just look at the past expense scandal of those politicians who stole money from the taxes of the masses,they used the law to escape punishment.By the way most of politicians are lawyers.If the law was just a old lady would not be put in jail for refusing to pay the unfair increase in her council tax,by the way those greedy politicians are the very people who condone the jailing of the old lady.If the law was just,we would not be forced to pay a tv licence for channels that they may not even watch,you buy a tv,then pay a fortune for sky to watch american tv shows and cnn news.and the BBC backed by the crowns law say,no no no you cant watch CNN without paying us our licence fee to fund our tv stations,even though you dont watch them,pay up or go to jail.
Its logic we need rules and laws to protect people from nutters and thieves,but so often the law is there to raise money not to help the people.We live in a land of speed cameras that are put on roads not near schools,but on dual carriageways with a lower than average speed limit to entrap the motorist and create more revenue for the exchequer,by the way you can drive 60mph on a country road,with blind spots and sharp bends,but iv seen 40mph speed limit on a dual carriagway with a clear view for miles.
I could go on and detail pages more,and im sure you could add a few more ontop.Last point,if the law was just,the banks would not have been permitted by the crowns law to use usury to charge the outrages intrest rates on the people of the country,by the way you have to swear the oath over the bible,this is blaspemy as you put the crowns law above is a couple of things the bible says about usury.
Take no usury or interest from him; but fear your God, that your brother may live with you.
You shall not lend him your money for usury, nor lend him your food at a profit. (Leviticus 25:35-37)
By the way,there is only ONE God not gods like justica the roman goddess whos statues are in many of our courts.Looks to me those who rule over us worship the gods not God…
Well just keep watching the ball game people,and have a nice day…

Administrator answers:

The law is corrupt thats why and the crown and her stoogies do worship the gods.There all over the courts and government buildings and even in churches.The Romans never left.

Linda asks…

Why do lots of American jokes include sex?

I’m an Asian, and I watch lots of American TV shows.

While I do like their jokes, there is one thing I really can’t relate to, and that’s dirty jokes.
I mean, does anyone actually find it funny?
I know Asians and Americans have different cultures and point of view, but that’s not the point. Aren’t those jokes basically just plain rude?

Is it just some weird image portraited by the media? Are these jokes really spoken in everyday lives?
Last question, do Americans find it really.. funny?

P.S. I hope nobody finds it offensive. I’m just asking out of plain curiosity.

Administrator answers:

They are damn funny! They aren’t plain rude…it isn’t ABOUT anyone…

David asks…

when does prison break season 3 begin in 2008?

All information I’ve received is in regards to Fox, Sky and other Pay TV Channels. I’m looking for viewing on “just plain old channel 7″ as was previously shown in other years. Thanks for the replies I’ve received to date!

Administrator answers:

It has already started
you can catch up by watching here:

hope I helped!

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