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February 13, 2012

Lizzie asks…

does anyone know of some income based apartments in or around the dallas area in tx?

me and my fiancee are expecting our second baby, and cant afford really high rent anymore, i was just wondering if anyone knew of some income based apartments.

Administrator answers:

You can check and maybe they have something on there. Good luck and congrats on the new baby!!!

Ruth asks…

Where can I find a list of income based apartments/town homes in Milwaukee, WI?

I would like to know where i can find a information on how to obtain a link or application for income based apartments/townhomes in Milwaukee, I searched on every website link i could think of. Please if you know can you please list it on here for me.

Administrator answers:

This site gives you a list for low-income apartments: Some are only for those that are disabled, some are for those that are elderly, and some are for low-income families… So you’ll need to choose what’s applicable to your situation. The website for your local housing authority is: This site shows that low-income housing wait list is currently closed, but that they are accepting applications for the moderate-income housing program.

Mary asks…

How to find income based apartments in Columbus, Ohio?

Im looking for an apartment that goes by your income, in Columbus Ohio. Please tell me any answer that you may have: If its apartments that you know of or have telephone numbers or links. Thank you so very much.

Administrator answers:

You can’t apply directly with them anyway, calling would not help.

First you need to apply with the housing authority, if you qualify they will give you a specific list of vacancies you qualify for, you then make the calls.

Donna asks…

Income based apartments/housing in Cleveland, Ohio?

I’m searching for income based apartments in Cleveland and I can’t seem to find anything when I look on the internet. I’m not sure if I should fill out for CMHA considering that I have no children and the wait will be even longer for me. I haven’t been lucky enough to find an apartment because I have been turned down due to not making “three times the rent.” What options do I have if any? Or any suggestions?

Administrator answers:

Some types of subsidized apartments don’t put people with children high on the list automatically. You should still go to county Housing agency. If they require 3x the rent, you are looking at too expensive apartments and should come down in your expectations. Most apartments ask for 1 1/2 – 2 x the rent. If you have good previous refs and good credit that makes up for your lack of income sometimes. Getting into public housing or Section 8 does not require children so get on the waitlist. Check out other resources to find a reasonable apartment.


David asks…

Where are income based apartments in baltimore county?

I am looking for income based housing. I am not on any section 8 or TCA. Housing preferably in Rosedale, White Marsh, Parkville, Essex, or Dundalk.

Administrator answers:

You need to inquier with the housing authority. There are different ones for different income levels compared to the local median.

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