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Your Questions About Income Based Apartments

April 16, 2012

Helen asks…

Help..Needing a list of income based apartments in or around Phoenix,Az.?

Any help will be appreciated.

Administrator answers:


Jenny asks…

Can my mother qualify for medicaid based on her income and age?

My mother is 57 yrs. old and she lives in a income based apartment community. Just recently she has been having hip trouble and had to go to urgent care and had to pay $125 out of pocket? Are there any program out there in canton, tx that she qualifies for?

Administrator answers:

Call the local office and inquire.

Donald asks…

Where can I find income based housing, or cheap rent?

I am going to be going back to school at GVSU in the fall, however right now me and my friend are consistently receiving around only $100 a week at work. I am wondering where/ how I can find income based apartments or housing in that area, of if there are any houses/apartments in the area that are cheap, or offer deals.
if it were that easy I would do it. this is michigan there are no jobs anywhere, and I am getting all the house they have available

Administrator answers:

You won’t qualify. Aside from it not being for student housing, you are required to work at least 30 hours a week.

You will need to use student loans, just like most students, to pay for housing.

John asks…

where are the income-based apartments in INDIANAPOLIS,IN?

Administrator answers:

I know indy and the housing ur looking for is inbad places Find ads in paper that say low income or based on income HUD, u will have to do drive bys or ask around the area to check for safety.Income based housing is usaully rampant with drugs and violence

Robert asks…

What are some low income or income based apartments in mayport? I am in Jacksonville?

I am in Jacksonville Florida and I want to move by the naval base in mayport Atlantic beach Florida. PLEASE NO OUTTA THE WAY ANSWERS

Administrator answers:

I would suggest to contact your local Health and Human Services Department or Social Services Department (depending on which one your county has.) If they have one, ask to speak to an Economic Support Specialist, or something similar.

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