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Your Questions About Income Based Apartments

May 15, 2012

Paul asks…

I live in an income based apartment, i know for a fact i need the carpet in the living room replaced..?

Should I tell them that they need replaced and will they replace them for us? they carpet downstairs is starting to mold so I had to put a huge area rug over it, but do noooot have the money to replace the carpet myself, considering I’m in an INCOME BASED apartment. What should I do?

Administrator answers:

There are laws in place for landlords to replace anything that is molded. They have to replace the carpet unless you have a slum lord, then it probably won’t happen. Make the call to them anyhow.

Mary asks…

Where would i go to find apartments or homes based off my income?

Im single, with a child on the way. I dont make much money. Where can i go within my city to find housing that bases the rent off of ones income?(maybe a certain section in the newspaper or my cities official website?)

Administrator answers:

Newspaper, Phone Book should say equal opportunity Housing affordable something into that effect. Sometimes in the Paper it will say based on income. You can always call them and ask them. Sometimes they have a waiting list you should sit down and figure bills and see what you can afford

Lizzie asks…

based on income apartments in middlletowm ny?

2 bedroom for me and my child

Administrator answers:

What is your question?

William asks…

is my rent realistic on an income based apartment?

my fiancee, our 3 month son, and i are looking into an income based apartment…right now my fiancee is only bringing home 200$/week (800$ a month) for every month we are gonna have to pay (rent) 273$ pluse water and all adds up to about 600$ a anything wrong with that or am i just going figured since we have a 3 month old son it would be just a little lower

Administrator answers:

Yes you are being charged less then 33% of income. Be conscious of your electric and water use and your bill should be less then 200 a month. Total is 437 a month. That is a lot less then everyone else pays. You should have thought of the cost of living before embarking on your own residence.

Betty asks…

does this mean these apartments are based on income if it says this?

Internal Revenue Code 42 and/or HUD regulations require Owners and/or Managers to acquire all information in regards to the Applicant’s anticipated annual income and assets to determine eligibility for the Affordable Housing Program.

Administrator answers:

Yes, you need to qualify via HUD, the tax payers are picking up part of the bill.

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