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Your Questions About Income Based Apartments

May 17, 2012

George asks…

Apartments based on income?

If I wanted to move into an apartment that had rent based on income, and I didn’t have any income could I live in the apartment for free with no rent?

Administrator answers:

LOL. I don’t think so. Maybe low rent. Nice try though!

Charles asks…

Apartments based on income?

Does anyone Know of any programs or apartments that base you rent on your income (prefferably in DC, and MD) Anything you know about low income places to live other than sec 8????

Administrator answers:

I do not know if you are relocating or not, but I always check out the website for new available housing in each state. Enter, then there is a pull down frame, which lets you select the state that you are interested in. Once you select the state, then on your left hand side of the site. You will see several categories, one of them will be rentals. Click on that and it will take you to the rental page. The page will consist of pull down frames. The frames will show the counties once you pick a county then another frame will show the cities in the counties. After selecting what city or county you want (searching by county is better), then another frame will ask you a certain kind of housing (elderly, disabled, family, etc.) Then there are check boxes of 1, 2, 3, or 4 bedrooms, you then check the box (or just leave it blank and it will show you all of the categories and their available units.)
The result page will not show the price of the units just what kind of units the building has available. Each building will have the address, and contact individuals and companies who own or manage them. You will have to call them to see if there is any availability in their building, and their requirements to apply for the units. The best part is that you can apply at more than one building and get on a waiting list (sometimes it can be up to 3 years), sometimes it can move every quickly depends on the unit. (example: I applied in May and was told that it would be up to a year, before a unit may become available. A blessing occured and a unit became available in September). In truth, affordable housing is becoming more difficult to find. I hope this information help you. If you need additional instruction about the hud-gov site, just write me back and I will do my best to answer anything I can.

Steven asks…

Find apartments in washington,dc, and maryland that are based on your income?


Administrator answers:

I dont know but I sure wish they’d get those types of apartment’s in Arizona, or atleast in our little town!!! My kids & I used to live in Laughlin Nevada where they had those types of apartments.. And they weren’t just for people who were poor either….. They just based your rent on your income!! I paid as low (for a 2 bedroom 1 bth.) as $3.00 a month, before I found a job, then when I had 2 jobs, my rent for a 3 bdrom, (I transfered into a 3 bedroom, in the same complex 2 yrs., later) was $139.00!!! I KID YOU NOT!!! And these apartments were well kept too!!! NICE!!! My sister’s who worked for the School bus system, and the other was the Elementary School’s nurse, also lived in these apartments……. So, see what I mean about you dont have to be Poverty to live in them!!!?? I am going to believe God that they will indeed build , just such apartment’s right here in Arizona, right here in my town, and soon!!! That’s all you need to do too, hun!! Pray about it!!! And then, just Thank-God, for answering your prayer, later , everytime you think about it, you know!!! Smile!!!!

William asks…

apartments based on income?

im looking for an apartment based on income i live in northern va. Im looking for answers on how to go about applying; do i apply at the apartment complex or through an agency.. any help is welcomed

Administrator answers:

You have to qualify through the housing authority and then apply at the list of complexes you qualify for. Income housed apartments are subsidized by the tax payers.

David asks…

I am being considered for a income based apartment, i qualify, but they are?

checking my credit which is not good. i might need a co signer. What info does a co signer have to provide?

Administrator answers:

Same as applicant.
You need to work on improving your credit the same way you ruined it—one day at a time, one payment at a time, etc. Your poor credit reflects a pattern of poor financial management, making you a poor risk as a tenant.
You are asking some one else to guarantee that YOU will pay the bills you are supposed to, the rent and utilities. You are asking some one else to trust you and rely upon your promises to pay what you have agreed to, when your lousy credit shows you have a history of breaking your word and not making promised payments. This is a LOT to ask of a friend or family member!

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