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May 24, 2012

Steven asks…

income base apartments?

are there any income based apartments in atlanta georgia besides atlanta housing authority

Administrator answers:

Yes they are all over the place. Even in north atlanta.

Maria asks…

Income based apartment….Help!?

I went to apply for income based apartments today. I was told the i was in the 40% bracket, and the rent was $441. Do I pay the 441 or 40% of that?

Administrator answers:

The 40% thing is talking about median income.

You pay the 441

Michael asks…

How long do you have to be employed in Alaska before you can get an income based apartment there?

also, if it’s a pretty long period of time, where can I stay while I’m looking for a job or working?

the area is Fairbanks/North Pole.
lol I know I keep asking but people keep misunderstanding what I’m trying to ask. xD That is a lot of information, thank you so much:)

Administrator answers:

I’d suggest you look for hostels. They are pretty cheap compared to other options.

Sorry, at first I didn’t notice you asked “how long do you have to be employed…” Being employed doesn’t’ really matter. What you DO have to have is some kind of income in order to apply. That can be welfare while you are still looking or whatever. Just something.

They care more about “residency ” as most of Alaskan rules are geared around “residency” because of the PFD situation. If the PFD (Permanent Fund Dividend) is a new concept to you. See here:

In order to qualify for the Alaska Permanent Fund Divident (not housing) you have to have lived (to apply) for a whole calender year (from Jan to Jan) so “residency” is what establishes things here. Be sure you keep proof of when you first arrive in Alaska as that will determine (later) if/when you can then apply for your PFD. Without proof of first day of residency you can lose out. So, keep it. Like your first motel stay receipt, or air plane ticket arrival date, etc.

As far as how long it takes (in Alaska) to get an income based apartment depends on what apartment you plan to apply for. If it is a HUD or LIHTC you can get in as soon as the paperwork processes. That usually takes about 3 months (min) assuming that apartment building has an opening right away to process your application and your back ground is clear of felonies, drug convictions etc.

To find them see:

Here’s what I could find for Fairbanks:

On a related note, public transportation usually sucks in Alaska, however, it should be decent in Fairbanks (as well as in Anchorage -only).

The best list I could find for apartments that go by income in Fairbanks is this one.


And “yes” it does take and insider to discover this stuff. You are correct to ask, otherwise….

To put in an Application for a Section 8 (rent from whomever you want to) Voucher for the Fairbanks area, go to here:

But be aware that (for example) in Anchorage they stopped accepting Application because the wait list is so long and not moving (for so long). If you CAN still apply in the Fairbanks area, do so. YOu never know.

Good luck.

Here’s the public transp. Website:

If you mean (what is known nationally as the) Section 8 (in Alaska, the Housing Choice) Voucher system, don’t expect to get approved for one for years. SAd but true.

Skip (for hoping for the present) to searching the Low Income Tax Exempt Property system. Some are HUD apartments and some are nonprofits that have been awarded the right to rent to “low income” residents. Some are owned by the AHFC which fills in for what other states would call county housing. There are no counties in Alaska so AHFC has housing in various parts of teh state. Most are decent and most use a sliding scale (accordin to income). They all required background checks.

The Section 8 “housing voucher” programs are all on hold since Obama took office and mostly were on slow to no growth in most of the USA since we went to war in Iraq.

Rent is especially expensive in Alaska. That’s one of the reasons homelessness is so high here. Usually, a person has to have resided in Alaska for 30 days minimum in order to apply. You could try to apply earlier than that, it might work (but not for a Housing Voucher, they require 30 days min) and these days even the homeless rarely get one (a federal Section 8 Voucher) as the feds have stopped issuing new ones.

I strongly suggest you find an apartment building that is being subsidised directly already. There are several such options, Alaska Housing Finance Corporation has some in various locations (often called public housing) that consider your income to decide the rent. That’s the same link as I gave above. But many are private and/or non-profits as well as HUD buildings directly that do the same or are set at low rent (with low income only qualifying).

Good luck.

Paul asks…

Where can I find based on income apartment open in Atlanta, GA?

I am looking to move asap and wanna get something based on my income. I am interested in Fulton, or Dekalb county.


Administrator answers:

Check out this website hopefully it will be useful.


Sharon asks…

Are there any apartments in the Phoenix area that are based on income?

I am looking for an apartment for my cousin who recently located here with her daughters and needs a place to stay. Back in the midwest there were apartments you could rent that went by how much money you make and did not involve waiting lists and I am wondering if there are similar apartments in the Phoenix area, She’s looking at Mesa, Glendale, or Maricopa.

Administrator answers:

There are LOTS of low income seniors around there. There will be a waiting list, she needs to contact the housing authority.

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