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May 26, 2012

Steven asks…

What are the chances of me getting a one bedroom income based apartment?

I have been told that the waiting list for a one bedroom usually isn’t that long, because most people that want income based apartments have kids and need at least 2. I am 18 years old, I make right at $530 after taxes, and have kept all of my bills paid on time. What are my chances of being approved for this apartment? The reason I am wanting to move is because me and my mom do not get along at all anymore, and its hard living with her.
Oh yeah, I make the $530 after taxes, but thats every two weeks.

Administrator answers:

The chances are really good of getting approved for section 8 housing with your income, But the waiting period varies with the region you live in. In my region the wait for is 3 yrs.

The Sect. 8 wait is not calculated on how many bedrooms you want. It is calculated on how much money is available, and how long you have been on the waiting list. As soon as money is available, the next person on the list gets a subsidy even if that subsidy would pay for two smaller apts.

If you are wanting to move into a project, then the wait will be less as you are right, there is less demand for single bedroom apts. In the projects. Again, the wait time will vary depending on the region you live in.

Michael asks…

can I have an income based apartment and rent another regular priced apartment until my lease is up?

Administrator answers:

Your case worker would be the person to answer that. You would have to pay both leases, and if you qualify for subsidized housing you should not have that much money.

Richard asks…

do anyone know where there’s based on income apartments in glen burnie, maryland or close by.?

Administrator answers:

Call the housing authority, they will tell you which, if any, you qualify for.

Susan asks…

Why do I need to be a tenant at an apartment before I can qualify for their ‘income-based’ rate?

I called for an apartment in town that takes both HUD and also has residents paying the normal rate. When I called and asked for more info on their income-based apartments, they told me I had to be a resident there first before I could qualify, I explained that I couldn’t afford their regular rates, but they told me to still ‘get the process going’ w/ filling out their applications… I was wondering why I need to be a tenant at regular rates that I can’t afford before I can pay the income-based rate? (I hope I explained this well)

Administrator answers:

You need to be approved by HUD first. Being low income is not enough, you need to prove it is not by choice. How many children you have also has a big effect on your eligibility.

Sharon asks…

where can I find Income based housing in Gwinnett county?

I am a part time college student and full time mother who need a nice safe affordable place to live can anyone give me a list of apartments that are income based?

Administrator answers:


Link above is for Gwinnet Housing Resource Partnership = has a phone number and listings for low income housing.

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