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June 2, 2012

Mary asks…

income based apartment?

i am looking for a 2 bedroom apartment that is based on your income. if anyone knows of a nice aparment complex plz let me know, im in the middle of a divorce and need a place for my daughter and i. i am looking in the bellevue papillion ne area
i want to move out i dont want this home to many memories i want a place of my own and that i can afford on my own not the home we bought together

Administrator answers:

You apply through the housing authority, all income based housing is subsidized by the tax payers.

If you own property, and it sounds like you might, you will NOT qualify. You will have to pay 100% of your own rent.

Nancy asks…

apartments based on income? how does it work?

what if you make 200 dollars a month do u still pay? is there something for students? do u need good credit? what are the requirements? how much income do u need to make? Any other info is appreciated.I’m currently going to school and i have to move out and i need a place to live that doesn’t cost too much because I’m working minimum wage right now.. THANKS!!!!!

Administrator answers:

You are required to be working at least 35 hours a week, so you will not be earning 200 a month.

Students do not qualify for public housing assistance.

You need decent credit.

You apply with the housing authority. Unless you have children you are very very unlikely to get housing. This is welfare housing, meant to help the elderly, the disabled and children, not some one that simply doesn’t want to earn enough money to support themselves.

As a student you are allowed to use student loans to pay for your own housing. The tax payers do not provide student housing to the million or so college students in the US.

Thomas asks…

can you get an income based apartment with financial aid money. if that is the only income that you get?

im having father issues bad one… soif any body knows please tell me as fast as you can please

Administrator answers:

You can’t get section 8 but you can get into housing projects. It may still take years for an opening, but you would qualify for the 30% housing. It isn’t going to be great, as that is the lowest of the available housing, but it will be an almost free roof over your head (you have to pay about 300 a month).

David asks…

Income Based Apartment?

I am applying for an income based apartment. I am self employed making appx $55000/year. The income range is $30000-40000/year. My AGI usually falls around $35000-$38000 after work-related expenses. When applying, is it safe to use my AGI since that is what I actually make?
Any help is appreciated!
I am renting… This is in Manhattan. There is no way to buy anything on that salary in Manhattan.
I know they will ask for a copy of my Tax Returns, but what will they look at, gross income or AGI?

Administrator answers:

R u renting or buying?
With your income, you should be
buying a condo or small house.

Carol asks…

income based apartment?

I applied for income based apartment in Ohio when i was 1month pregnant, so in April of 2010. I then waited and waited, in December of 2011(yes thats 2011), i recieved a letter stating that im nearing the top of list, they had me fill out paperwork like background checks, check stubs, ss cards, etc. now its feb of 2012, i have heard nothing. (im sure if i was denyed, which i know i aint, they woulda contacted me)

my question is, how much longer you think i will wait?

Administrator answers:

They usually ask for this about 6 months prior to your name being at the top of the list, to weed out those that do nto qualify (for you to qulaify you have to work 32 hours a week, collect child support, and be under 80% of median income).

They may not contract you if you do not qualify, they simply do not have that kind of time.

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