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Your Questions About Income Based Apartments

June 11, 2012

John asks…

What apartments in Murfreesboro Tennessee are based on your income?

Administrator answers:


Mark asks…

How much would I pay per month for an income based apartment if I only collect unemployment?

I am a single mother and I have full custody of my child. I do not receive child support at this time (pending a court date). I only receive unemployment wages every week. I live in Indiana and I receive $351 per week. However, since I do not have steady child care I cannot always collect my unemployment every week, since I can’t prove that I am actively seeking employment. I was approved for an income based apartment already, but I was curious to about how much my monthly rent would be. I know I have to pay the utilities myself, which will be no problem. Does unemployment even get factored into my rent? I go back to the apartment community in a week to fill out the paperwork, but the suspense is killing me. So if anyone has any ideas on an estimate or a place that I can find out, please let me know. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

They know you’re unemployed? They should not have approved you then. The rent is still a set amount, just part of it is paid for by people who actually work for a living. They will tell you how much it is. It should be roughly 550 a month.

George asks…

Based on your income apartments in atlanta ga? ?

Administrator answers:

Yes, Atlanta does have income-based apartments. I would stay away from the ones inside the city limits and try to get into one in the suburbs though.

Sandy asks…

Apartment based in income question ?

If rent is 800 a month for a 1 bed room apartment . And i make around 1400 a month how much do you think my rent will be ?? These apartments are based on my income? And all i need to have is employment.

Administrator answers:

You need more then a job to qualify. HUD sets the rent, call the complex and ask.

Mandy asks…

where can i find an income based apartment in detroit Mi that don’t look like trash?

Administrator answers:

Income based apartments are run-down because tenants treat them like trash.

You can probably find a decent place (especially in detroit) for whatever it is you want to pay if you look hard enough. If you cant, try finding a roommate.

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