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Your Questions About Income Based Apartments

June 16, 2012

Lisa asks…

If you get evicted from an apartment that was income based are you “black listed”?

About a month ago we were evicted from our apartment that was under Section 8. And I’ve been told that if you get evicted from public housing they never let you stay in any HUD apartments again. We really need a place to stay and are afraid that we will be on the streets soon. I can’t call any of the places and ask because it’s Saturday and they won’t be open on Monday either.

Administrator answers:

Yes you heard correctly. You can never live in any housing that the government subsidizes other then homeless shelters. This is a life time ban.

Sandra asks…

Looking for a new income based apartment?

Administrator answers:

The last city to build new ones is Atlanta, in 2009.

Donald asks…

Are there any apartments in Elizabethtown or at least Hardin county KY that base apartment cost on income?

I need to know this soon because I’ve got a minimum wage job and it doesn’t help I’m a young college student and my fiance is in highschool. Can someone help please?

Administrator answers:

Get on craigslist and look. You may find a private landlord who feels bad for you and bases your rent on what you can afford a month. It may not be the best place, but it will be a place.

David asks…

How much per month would I pay to rent an apartment that is based on income?

I work a part time, minimum wage job and I go to school.
I want to move out but it’s probably not going to happen until I get a better job.

I was just curious how much I would pay to rent an apartment that is based on income.

Administrator answers:

You have to work at least 32 hours a week to qualify. Once you qualify you would pay 30% of your gross pay toward rent, the tax payers pay the rest.

Michael asks…

How do you calculate if you qualify for an apartment based on your income?

Whether or not you can get an apartment without a cosigner depends on your income. Does anyone know how to figure that out? I’m sure there is some type of percentage.

Administrator answers:

Ther first thing you MUST have is a job that pays well. If your income is $1000.00 a week then you should be able to afford between 750 and 1000 a month rent. If you don’t have credit forget it… They wont want to rent to you.

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