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Your Questions About Income Based Apartments

July 4, 2012

Joseph asks…

I am in need of finding a 2 bedroom apt or townhome. That will be based on my income as of right now.?

If my income drops to a 0 then therefore, my rent would be 0 as well. I am not talking about section 8 or project based apartments. Thanks for your input because it will be used.

Administrator answers:

Nothing like that exists.

The income based housing ARE the projects. They also require you to work.

The only way you can free load like that is in the homeless shelter program.

Ruth asks…

what do i do when looking for an apartment based on income?

im a full time college student, i work a job making 30 hours a week… what do i do and how much will my rent????

Administrator answers:

Most colleges have some sort of housing service, either online or in an office on campus somewhere. These services often focus on on-campus housing, but they will usually help you find apartments off-campus as well.

If you go to them and tell them what you can afford, they should be able to help you out.

There are also a number of apartment search websites that allow you to search based on the rent amount. I’m not sure where you live, so I can’t recommend any sites, but just do a quick Google search for “[insert city] apartments” or “”[insert city] apartment listings” and you should have a place to start looking.

Ken asks…

low income apartments/no income apartments?

apartments based on income evan if you have no income

Administrator answers:

You are talking about the housing projects, they are administered thru HUD by the counties housing authority. You call them to find out about qualifications. You will need to prove some income though, even if it is just social security.

Betty asks…

Where can I find a list of subsidized apartments???

I was wondering if anyone knows where I can find a list of subsidized or income based apartments for oregon…

Administrator answers: or do a search for housing and urban development… They will give you all of the low-income in your area

Mandy asks…

We are looking for apartments that are based on your income in richmond, virginia are.?

We are two 19 year old females who ared part time students at J. Sargent Reynolds. We have a two weeks to move out of our homes and we need to find somewhere to live asap. If you can help us, please write me back at my email address……orjust post your response. Thank you J

Administrator answers:

You can try the housing authority. But, low income housing is usually not for students. Students are usually disqualified.

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