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March 4, 2012

James asks…

if you live in income based apartments?

can you still apply for HUD? Me and my fiance are living in a two bedroom apartment and have a baby due in November. The apartments are really loud, the other tennents throw partys and do drugs and we dont want our baby raised up in that environment. HUD does have something to do with the apartments and was wondering if we applied for HUD if we would get approved or if we would get denied since we live in gov run apartments already and pay $0 rent.

Also, what does HUD cover?

Administrator answers:

Hud handles section 8 which sounds like what you have. Two adults with a free 2 bedroom apartment sounds like beggars can’t be choosers. Get jobs and go rent a non welfare apartment.

Donna asks…

where can i find income based apartments in pittsburgh for rent?

Administrator answers:

Check the East Liberty area

Sandy asks…

I am looking for income based apartments in Richmond VA area. Do not want public housing.?

Myself , 67 and grandson, 14. Suburbs ok if public transportation is available.
Tax credit apartments or apartments adjusted according to rent by income restrictions are not public housing , per se. U guys are wrong. Can someone help??

Administrator answers:

ALL of the income based apartments are part of the public housing program. You will not find any at all that are not part of it.

Laura asks…

How can i find Income based apartments?

Administrator answers:

You get approved through the housing authority, so start there. They have several different programs, only your case worker can tell what you qualify for. Once you know that they will give you a list of vacancies so you can apply with the landlords themselves.

Mary asks…

income based apartments Indepedence Missouri?

I cannot seem to find any low income based apartments online for Independence/Blue Springs Etc and i need to help a friend find a place ASAP!! Can someone Help??

Administrator answers:

Your friend needs to contact the housing authority, they will tell them which, if any, they qualify to live in and put them on a waiting list.

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