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February 9, 2012

Sandy asks…

can you live at income based apartments without being income based?

There arent many apartments available in my area and i was just wondering if you can live at income based apartments without being income based.

Administrator answers:

No, the income based apartments are subsidized by HUD and only qualifying people can live in them.

Betty asks…

Does Any one know Of any Income based apartments in the Atlanta area?

I am looking for a decient apartment based on income in the Atlanta area. Also give me complete details on the qualifications and requirements for moving in if possible thanks.

Administrator answers:

The Atlanta Housing Authority
… Then, Atlanta has razed more than 5,000 dilapidated … Is based on successes and failures of the program in Atlanta and elsewhere across the country. ……&

Daniel asks…

Can anyone help me find low income based apartments in my area? read details please?

Me and my Fiance are looking for a cheap apartment to start out on our own. just for now. We are looking for a low-income based apartment for rent in Dublin OR Pulaski, Virginia. Our zipcode is 24080 Please help look some up !

Administrator answers:

You have to apply though the housing authority. You will not qualify until you are married, they only rent income based housing to families.

Ruth asks…

where is there income based apartments in stevens point wi?

i am looking for apartments that have a rent based on income.

Administrator answers:

Ask local real estate agents.

Mark asks…

does anyone know how to find income based apartments in sacramento Ca?

i am trying to find income based apartments for my mother and father in law. the monthly income is 900 a month. if anyone can help i would greatly appreciate it. thank you

Administrator answers:

This is generally handled by HUD or the local housing authority.
Based on your question, I googled Sacramento income based apartments and a lot came up. You apparently have a computer, so just do a search.
If you want to check the local housing authority, here is there website.


I do know in CA there is quite a waiting list for housing assistance, (like two to four YEARS) but it would be worth your while to call or go to the website to investigate.

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