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November 2, 2012

Carol asks…

Low income apartments in Lacrosse WI, and Onalaska WI?

I am moving to lacrosse In the next month. I have allot of mental and physical problems and i know that i could only handle a part time job.

I also know that with a part time job im not going to be making enough to rent my own apartment, so i need some help locating the low income apartments in Lacrosse and Onalaska.

Thanks much

Administrator answers:

The income based apartments require you to either work full time (35 or more hours a week) or be on disability. You will not qualify if your income is low simply because you do not want to work.

Paul asks…

Are heritage bluff apartments low income housing?

I’m trying to move and have heard great things about heritage bluff apartments in faribault, MN. I thought I read somewhere that they are low income housing or that they accept section 8. Just wondering if this is true.

Administrator answers:

No, they do not appear to be a housing project (income based housing).

They likely accept section 8, but you would have to call them, that is not public information.

Susan asks…

How much do low income apartments cost in sw PA? Can I afford it?

I’m getting a new job that pays 10 bucks an hour and I told the lady that I would like 20-30 hours a week. I want to move to a place called Maple Hill Apartments in Mount Pleasant, PA. Does anyone know how much this might cost me and if i can afford it?

Administrator answers:

Here’s an wild and crazy idea. Why not call Maple Hill Apts and ask them? Duh.

Nancy asks…

Do you know how to go about finding low-income apartments that have vacancies? tells you the properties they have, but I need to know how I can find a site where they show what’s vacant. Every property I call, people answer rudely & say their waiting list is baked up a year or 2. I can’t continue to live in a place where they charge $375/mo. & there’s leaks all over the place (toilet water from other apartments), & my income is only $694/mo. My lease is up in June, & I need to move.

Administrator answers:

A; finding a place–ask the city where you live.
B; when any landlord does not do a repair within 30 days, the law says “the tenant seeks
out a licensed contractor and pays the bill…..making sure the work is done satisfactorily. The
tenant gets a receipt and makes a copy of it and when the next rent is due, informs the
fed to withhold x dollars from the subsidy as the LL did not make specific repairs.

IF the fed’s pay master will not with hold payment based on your paid receipt,
I would go to small claims court and sue for fraud

if your income is SSI or other income and it is consistent, you can afford to buy
a small, cheap house. I can help you find one if you live away from NYC or LA or SF.

Maria asks…

Where can I find information on low income apartments that match my income?

I would like to search the Los Angeles,California area, I want a single or one bedroom apartment in the 200$ range.

Administrator answers:

Check with your local housing authority. Or contact your local housing and urban development chapter where you live. Ask about section 8 housing…..

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