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Your Questions About Low Income Apartments

November 27, 2012

Ken asks…

Where are some low income apartments located at in Chicago?

My nephew is about to enter college and he have a baby and a baby momma and he have a job that don’t pay a lot. He needs to find and apartment that he can afford!
Do you know any or a website that I can go on to find any.

Administrator answers:

Your best bet may be to use Apartment Finders. This is an amazing FREE resource in Chicago. You just tell them exactly what you’re looking to spend and then they meet with you and drive you to buildings that are safe and clean within your budget. They then even help with all of the paperwork for getting the lease.

Mary asks…

Are their any low income apartments in california.?

I am drawing a check and i really cant get a job. So i need a low income apartment in california.

Administrator answers:

What you are seeking is “Affordable Housing Property” these can be found by looking up HUD….Housing & Urban Development.
That gov’t agency will give you a list by county. Bear in mind the list may be very small. The “affordable” properties get gov’t assistance to help you live there. They base your ability to pay rent on a scale compared to all the other people that live in that county. Good Luck, Leasing Agent Phoenix

Thomas asks…

What are the available names of low income apartments in crawfordsville Indiana?

I am a single mother of 2 and I am looking to find some of the housing help in crawfordsville.

Administrator answers:

Do a Yahoo! Search using that phrase or search google or just look up low income apartments on…just put in your zipcode and look up apartments for cheap…or just apply for housing assistance thru your local housing authority…

Charles asks…

Where can i find low income apartments in the detroit area?

I can only afford rent that is 300 or below.

Administrator answers:

you are probably looking at a roommate situation, which isn’t that horrible when you consider having 2-3 roommates all chipping in $300 will get you a much nicer place than your $300 alone.

Good luck!

Ruth asks…

How do I find low-income apartments (not section 8)?

I am pregnant and right now, my only income is from financial aid.

Administrator answers:

I doubt you will qualify. However, all of the subsidized housing is handled by the same folks that do section 8. Contact the housing authority to find out what you will qualify for.

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