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May 18, 2013

Steven asks…

Subsidized/Low Income Apartments in Indianapolis, IN?

I was wondering if anybody knew where I could find a list or if someone could give me a list of low income or subsidized apartments in Indianapolis, IN, preferably near South East Street. I am not on section 8 because there is a ten year waiting list but I know that there are subsidized apartments or income based.. I just don’t know where to look.

Administrator answers:

The subsidized housing is run by the same people as section 8. You have to apply and qualify through them. The wait will be similar to section 8.

You will not qualify anyway since you are on welfare already. It is for low income people, seniors and the disabled only. You would have to be working an actual job for at least 30 hours a week.

Charles asks…

Is it true that low income apartments have dangerous neighbors?

such as neighbors who steal, stalk and rape?

Administrator answers:

Low income housing doesn’t always mean having bad neighbors. There r some ppl who keep low profiles & u’d never even know they were on sect 8. The good 1′s on sect 8 can b trusted in even the best neighborhoods b/c they won’t cause trouble

Linda asks…

Where can I find low income apartments with no credit checks?

Administrator answers:

Property management companies and landlords who own many rental units usually have the ability to run credit checks. Most landlords who own very few units do not since it costs money to join the credit bureaus and receive the reports.

You should look for “for rent” signs in the window of apartments in the area that you want to move. These usually indicate that the landlord handles the rentals himself. He may require a rental application with a request for references, but rarely do they actually run credit checks. Most of them consider themselves good judges of people. If you have a job, and the means to pay the rent, you shouldn’t have any problem at all finding an apartment with less then good credit.

Good luck with your search for an apartment.

James asks…

I live in low income apartments iwant to know if police can enter my home w/out search warrent?

can police officers jump my patio and force their way into my home without a search warrent being that i live in low income appartment

Administrator answers:

‘Being that you live in a low income apartment’, no.

However, if they have probably cause to believe a crime is in progress, or that a wanted person is inside, they can enter the apartment. That applies to low income apartments or high end mansions.

Mandy asks…

where can i go to find low income apartments in the western suburbs of chicago?

Administrator answers:

Contact the City of Chicago Dept. Of Housing. They probably have contact information for the suburb in which you want to live. Contact the Cook County Housing Authority. Both of these resources are good places to start. If your suburb lies outside Cook COunty, contact the county offices in that county.

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