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Your Questions About Low Income Apartments

June 25, 2013

Jenny asks…

How do i sign up low income apartments in chicago il?

Administrator answers:

Chicago Housing Authority

John asks…

Are Security Alarm Systems allowed in low income apartments?

One of my friends was considering getting an alarm system for her apartment, but she lives in low income apartments (HUD). So is she allowed to do that or is that not allowed?

Administrator answers:

Why should there be a problem? She has to check the management papers and talk to the security company to see what can be done. I think they will find a way to get her money for investment in security alarm systems. She can also compare different offers of several companies.

Sandra asks…

How much will i have to pay for a low income apartment?

If I have no income but my boyfriend makes 8.50 an hour how much would our rent be for a low income based apartment? Oh and if u got a rude comment then don’t answer my question thanks :)

Administrator answers:

Section 8 (low income) apartments aren’t for boyfriend/girlfriends — they’re for families with kids. YOU need to get a job and help out with the finances if you want to get an apartment.

Laura asks…

Whats A Good Site that have low income apartments?

I am 20 not old enough for section 8. I have two daughters and looking to move jan mid feb. If you know any low income apartments site please let me know. ThankYou.

Administrator answers:

You are over 18 so you are old enough and you qualify because you have children but the application process in most counties is closed. The main problem is that seniors and disabled people have preference for a voucher. There are other programs beside Section 8 such as rural housing and Title 42 which means some apartments get a tax credit for renting a few apartments at low rents. You have to ask your Housing Authority in your city or county. It takes a few years to get a Section 8 voucher, not a month. But ask about other programs or privately owned properties. You must be employed and you must get child support.

Paul asks…

Are there realtors that specialize in low income housing or apartments?

My family is trying to find a place but we only have 1 income and there are not many advertised places where we live in maryland. i was jw if there are any that specialize in renting low income houses or apartments instead of buying a house.

Administrator answers:

There are no realtors who specialize in low income rentals. Realtor get paid a percentage of what real estate they sell and with low income housing there is no one to pay the realtors fee. Contact your local housing office and ask what is available and when applications will be accepted, and where low income apartments are located and when applications will be accepted. Best Wishes.

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