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August 17, 2013

David asks…

How can my dad lower the prices on his child support?

My moms got quiet a nice house, wave runner, BMW. My dad dosent. Instead he lives in a low-income apartments, old truck, and owes over 20,000 dollors to a bank. He makes a lot of money, but more than half of it goes for child support, and that price is getting higher every year. I love my dad but dont know what to do….

Administrator answers:

If there’s a reasonable cause for requesting a reduction in his support, he can file for a modification. From what you are saying, my guess is that he’s paying alimony and child support.

The wording of this question sound more like that of a father questioning how the support is being spent, rather than a child wondering if their father is paying too much, though over the last 20 years, this would not be the first time I have been asked this by a child.

Children do take note of the differences and how fathers have to struggle to keep decent housing in order to be allowed to see their children. Far too frequently, a father cannot maintain decent housing for weekend visits, so the mother begins blocking his parental rights. The child would be better served by living in one home, with each parent living there three weeks, than switching.

First, there’s two ways too address the child support amount. If there’s been a significant change in his income, he can file a modification, even without an attorney.


Or, he can make an argument of REBUTTABLE PRESUMPTION, departing from the guidelines. Judges frequently use this to set a higher than normal child support award, sometimes exceeding the total amount of monthly income of the father. This is a frequent occurrence against military men when a judge applies the estimated retail value of on base housing to the calculations for child support.


On addressing the issue of how the child support is being spent, consider a Trust Fund.



Donald asks…

How can I get help paying a deposit for my water to get turned on in the apartment that I am moving into?

I am on SSI disability and I need some help in paying the deposit for the water to get turned on. These are low income apartments. I need to have some info on places that I can check into that might could help me. Thanks!


Administrator answers:

If you’re in England -

Go to DSS – they may give you a crisis loan. (Job Centre Plus)

Richard asks…

When moving to a new apartment, should the landlord replace the carpet?

My landlord told me that we would be moving to a bigger unit, since my family members have increased. They have not repainted or replaced the carpet and are suppose to move in this week. We live in low income apartments, owned by H.U.D
I want to know if it is by law that they have to replace the carpet.

Administrator answers:

Take pictures just before you move in

Ken asks…

I live across the street from the low income apartment buildings. Why do the people keep staring at me?

I live across the street from the low income apartments. I live in a nice house and the people sit on the picnic table and watch and make rumours about my family. Everytime I go outside they always look and stare at me. Why?

I feel stalked and they don’t realize how uncomfortable they’re making me feel.
I can’t even go out to get my mail without feeling watched, even when they’re inside because they probably watch us when their TV gets too boring for them.

Administrator answers:

Well, frankly, you sound so paranoid about this that I’m guessing that when you go outside you also ACT paranoid, so they’re actually staring at you because, to them, you’re that crazy person across the street who acts all paranoid and weird!

So, to defuse the situation, I strongly suggest that, as the old saying goes, “The best defense is a good offense,” so be very friendly to them! In other words, when you go out to get your mail and you see someone looking at you, put on a big smile and wave and say “Hi!”

That’s what normal people do, so, if you would like to be treated like a normal person, you have to act like one. Try it, and trust me, all they’ll do is smile and wave and say “Hi!” right back at you.

Otherwise, you’re doomed to live in your own personal paranoid hell for ever and ever and ever, so get out there and be friendly to your neighbors, dammit!

Good luck, and the link below is to a song for you…

Linda asks…

Where can I go to apply for any affordable low income housing like section 8 in south Jersey?

I am on permanent disability and have very low income. Is there info anyone could offer me about where I can go online and apply for low income housing apartments such as section 8 or other low income housing sites? I live in south Jersey.

Thanks =]

Administrator answers:

You register with the County Dept of Housing. Call Social Services or your County Seat and ask for the Number. Otherwise just Search Online for your County’s Web site. You do realize average wait is two years.

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