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May 26, 2013

Sandra asks…

Will my low-income apartments know? PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!(kinda long)?

Please only, serious, helpful answers! I live in low-income apartments with my kids…..i’m a single mom. The thing is, any income that i get i’m supposed to report so they can make the adjustments to my rent, which means i will have to pay more. I really can’t afford to do this because, i’m a stay-at-home mom that’s going to school so that i can afford a better life for my kids and move out! I don’t have really any income coming, so money is always tight. The thing is I have to pay the loan for school but, I did get an ok, grant check. I don’t have a bank account or anything because, I owed them money which I couldn’t afford to pay back. So anytime I ever got a check or something I cashed it at a check cashing place or grocery store. the apartments run your social to see if your working or have any income coming in. I was wondering since I don’t have a bank account could I cash my check at one of those check cashing and loan places without my apartments finding out? I’m really trying hard to finish school so I don’t have to stay in the system and I can move me and my kids out but, I can’t afford my rent going up for this one check! I really need the money! PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!

Administrator answers:

Do you get a check like every semester, or was this a one time thing?

If you cashed it and didn’t deposit the money OR the check into an account that can be traced, I don’t see how this would present a problem or how the government would know. But be careful.

If they find out, just say you didn’t know. They won’t press charges on you or anything, they will just raise your rent. Tell them you didn’t realize a loan check was considered income, you thought income was only like a job.

Good luck :)

Mandy asks…

low income housing in kenosha wi?

does anyone know of any low income apartments for cheap rent in kenosha, wi?? please help

Administrator answers:

Go to and search by city.


Mary asks…

Where can I apply for low income apartments in Sacramento?

My mom has a job out there and we have been renting a room in Lodi, we have applied everywhere for jobs but havent been called back ever or when I call they dont seem interested. Well my mom might recommened me to her job and hopefully I get hired, but the problem is that we are an hour away from that job. So I’ve been trying to apply for low income apartment but I need some recommened websites. My income is 608.00 and my mom said she can move in and rent a room and she has her own income. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Administrator answers:

Are you referring to something like section 8 housing? I think that is offered by HUD (US Department of Housing and Urban Development). I put two links below. The first is just a link to general info about affordable housing and different options. The second link has contact information to all of the California HUD offices. Sacramento is (916) 498-5220, but their additional info and email is in the link.

It also looks like Sacramento has an organization called SHRA that helps find affordable housing for people in your area. The 3rd link below is their home page (they even have a jobs section, so maybe they have programs for work also?). The 4th link is a list of affordable housing according to the group.

I would read the information from the HUD office (just to maybe gain some understanding of some of your options), then give them a call. And do the same with the SHRA site. Check it out, look through the list but then call the SHRA office. Both organizations are out there to help people find housing, they can give you the local advice you need.

Sorry I don’t have any specific answers, but this is where you can get all the info you need. Good luck!

Laura asks…

What are the laws on low income apartments?

My fiances sister lives in a low income apartment with her boyfriend. Neither of them work and they’re on food stamps. The state has no idea that her boyfriend is living there and I know for a fact that if he were to fill out an application to live there he would be denied because of his criminal record. It really upsets me because my fiance and I are both working two jobs to be able to provide for our children while her and her boyfriend aren’t even trying to get jobs. She actually said to me that she doesn’t want to work because her rent would go up. She’s only paying $26 a month! Her mom pays all of her bills for her! I want her to do better because she has two beautiful little girls but I don’t want to be rude about the advice that I give her. I know that if I were to say something to her that it would not be nice. So I’m asking you for your advice on what to say to her. I almost want her to get caught and fall on her face just so she can learn that she has to do things for herself
I do believe that if people are working and still need help that’s fine. The father takes them every other weekend but he’s not much better.

Administrator answers:

Personally I would stay out of her business.

You may ask what she sees in a loser boyfriend though.

A man without a job?

Maria asks…

aside from sec. 8, does anyone know of any programs that will rent low-income families?

I live in illinois and I would like to know if anyone is familiar with any programs , aside from section 8 or public housing, that assist or help people in finding apartments that are for low-income people or families?

Administrator answers:

Why not squat or… a county tax foreclosure?

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