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Your Questions About Low Income Apartments For Rent

July 9, 2013

Nancy asks…

can’t get rent apartment if have bad credit?

Hi, I am wonder my low-income salary can’t get rent apartment because I have bad credit. I am looking for low-income rent Apartment.please let me know more informant. Thank you!

Administrator answers:

This question cannot be answered as you did not indicate what city you are in.

Susan asks…

Could i rent an apartment by making 694.99 a month?

Im 19 years old and im currently making 694.99 a month. Is it possible for me to rent a low income apartment ? I really want to move out of my town and I will do whatever it takes.

Administrator answers:

It is possible, but you have to factor in all other costs first (utilities, travel expenses, food, luxury items, etc.). Create a spreadsheet of your expenses and compare it to your income. Also, maybe try looking for a roomy, because that would significantly decrease your living costs.

Answer mine :) !


Jenny asks…

Question about Low-Income Apartments?

I was just curious if someone could explain to me exactly how they charge you rent, how much they make you pay, bills, etc. because I’ve been without a job for quite a while and was considering looking for low-income housing. Thank you, any help is appreciated !

Administrator answers:

Normally the rent is income based, and you pay around one third of your income while the rest is subsidized by HUD Section 8 voucher or assistance.
(I think this is what you are referring to).
Go to your county housing authority to apply. There may be a very long waiting list; months even years, and sometimes they stop taking applications for a period if the list is too long.

If you are single with no dependents it is quite likely that you will not qualify but it is worth attempting.
Preference goes to single parents, families with children, disabled, elderly.
Then you can choose from a list of landlord who accept Section 8, or go directly to a potential landlord and ask.
Alternatively you might apply at a complex which has set-asides for low income tenants and ask what their guidelines are.

Paul asks…

How can my rent be more than I make?

I live in Iowa at a low-income apartment complex. The rent is based on your income and it is to be 30%of that income. My job began in July and the mgr did not process papers until this week for that. She went back one yr to determine my new rent. I recieved a child support pymt of $3000 for back child support in Sept of 2005. She used this as well to determine my rent. They knew of this pymt then and did nothing. Now they want to go back and make me pay back rent from then to now. My new rent is $348 and I have to pay an additional $250 for the back untill is paid. I only make $6 an hr and work 32 hrs a wk. I also get $230 a month for child support. How can I be expected to pay more for rent than I make? I wont be able to pay my utilities either! What can I do? I cannot afford to even move to another place at this point. I am just a single mom of 3 kids trying to work my way up alone!!!!!

Administrator answers:

I would kill for that kind of rent! Dispute it with the agency behind the low income housing, it’s probably a gov’t agency and they probaby have some formal dispute process. That is what you need to look into, start at your states website and if you actually have the name of the agency skip that process and contact them directly.

John asks…

Financial Aid & Low Income Housing?

I want to apply for a low income apartment, and my only income is Financial Aid. I am curious as to how they go about figuring out rent.
I have a grant, and a loan. The grant by the time I get the refund check is just about gone due to classes and fees. The loan check that comes in is a little less than $1800 and is for me to live off of for THREE MONTHS.
ALSO, on the financial aid website it gives me an overview “estimating” about how much money is for which fundings. (i.e. they divide my money out based on Fees, Tuition, Transportation, Room & Board, etc…) Mind you they only give an estimate, and it’s just a guide to work off of.

So what I am wondering is how the low income apartments (which usually take 30% of your income for rent) go about deciding how much I’d pay for rent.
My question is, do you think they’d go off of my TOTAL GRANTS AND LOANS (even though I don’t see much of the grant), or would they go off of JUST THE CHECK that I do receive for myself?? ALSO, would they work with me to divide my income amount into 3 and and use 30% of 1/3 of my money, since I only get one check every three months? Or would they possibly go off of what my financial aid papers say online for “room and board”?

Sorry if this got confusing, I’m really stressed out about this.
I’m NOT talking about HUD or Section 8.
I live in Oregon and there is Three Low Income Apartments ALL accepting applications right now. I lived in one of them a year ago and it only took me a 2weeks – a month to get in.

Administrator answers:

Low income apartments are subsidized. It is not legal to use them for student housing.

Like it or not you are talking about HUD, HUD manages all of that.

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