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Your Questions About Low Income Apartments For Rent

July 30, 2013

Steven asks…

programs for low income young parents that want to go to college and live in an low income apartment?

I am 20 going on 21, my husband is also the same age, we are expecting a son soon in late august and we need help. We both want to go back to college and also live in low income housing for a few years so we can become stable, does anyone know any programs that help with this in any state? I need help with daycare, rent and college

Administrator answers:

Go online to college, University of phoenix offers great classes and full aide. That means you would not have to pay for school til you were done and then its like 200 a month. Then you will get discounts on taxes and car insurance, all kinds of stuff!

Laura asks…

Can I get loan for apartment building if I am low income?

Hi I am low income and like to buy apartment building and rent the apartments/not live in it/ is there chance of getting loan. I believe my credit is good and can put down payment. Thank you Katerina

Administrator answers:

I’m a little confused, why would you reat it and not live in it? Are you talking about buying the complex itself and being the landlord?

Thomas asks…

Does anyone know of any good 2 bedroom Low income, Bad Credit ok Apartments are in redding, Ca?

My family and I are looking for a low income, bad credit ok apartment or house to rent, that excepts dogs. Preferably in the redding area. Anderson is okay to but somewhere close to redding.

Administrator answers:

I think the easiest place to view rentals is on where you can see all of them geographically and quickly.

James asks…

How do you cope with living on a low income?

Just wondering if anyone has tips on how to live on a low income. I’m a student which prevents me from working as much as I’d like, and I am renting an apartment with my boyfriend so rent is only $340 a month. And then of course there are other expenses, food, utilities, etc. I make about $1,400 a month.

Administrator answers:

Make an inventory of where you and your boyfriend are spending your budget. Have one weekend set aside for no expenditures of money. Call it by your own name: Spartan weekend, Poverty Plus weekend. Try to make fun of less. Sounds a bit zany but I think it will be a plan you will find works for your problem. Beer? Each pays for “his” own!!

William asks…

My husband, sister, and I qualify for low income apartment, but what if she moves out?

Okay, so my husband and I make a decent living for the two of us, but my little sister needs to move in with us so she can finish school. We qualify for a low income apartment with her living with us, but what happens if we sign the lease and then she decides to move out in like six months? Will my husband and I still be able to live there or will they make us move out? I am trying to figure it all out before signing the lease.

Administrator answers:

The rent would not longer be subsidized, so you would have to pay the full rent until the lease expires, then vacate. Usually they will allow you to vacate as soon as you no longer qualify though as there is usually a waiting list for subsidized housing.

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