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Your Questions About Low Income Apartments In Chicago

July 22, 2013

Steven asks…

What is the best modeling agency for little girls?

I have a 10 about to be 11 year old girl that thinks she is a diva very pretty i might add and she wants to be a model. I dont want to kill her dreams I want to inspire them but looking up all the agencies in Chicago the all look like scams i am a very low class family that has limited money so i dont need to waste money on scams or kill my babies dreams
Any suggestions

Administrator answers:

At 10 or 11, your daughter will not go far as a fashion model. She might book catalogues (like Old Navy or Sear’s), but the fashion industry usually disregards children.

I worked in the fashion industry for years, and I am telling you the best thing you can do as a mother is raise her well. I was a little girl once, and so were you– I desperately wanted to be a singer when I was 9. I thought I would make an amazing dancer when I was 10. I just knew I was going to be a lawyer when I was 11. Now, I work at a fashion magazine.

Point is, we all have dreams that come and go. If you put her in a children’s agency now (there are good, reputable ones), she will either:
A. Love it so much and lose interest in school. Her grades will go down the toilet– if she’s a child model now, the chances she’ll continue modeling later on are very very slim. She won’t have an income coming in, and college won’t be an option anymore.
B. Love it in the beginning, then begin to hate it. Modeling is NOT what it’s cracked up to be, and it is no place for children. You often have to stay in a small apartment with other models– usually older teens, and some are not exactly role models for a 10 year old. You will not be able to go with her to all of her jobs– she’s around tons of people you don’t know. There’s constant pressure to be thin.

Again, the best you can do for your daughter is put her through school, and keep her a healthy, well-balanced child.

If, even after reading this ENTIRE thing, you are still 100% POSITIVE you want to follow her “dream,” do this:

-Find a local photographer on who works for free. Some photographers do TFP, “time for print,” which means you only pay for the prints (just a couple of dollars). This way, you do them a favor by granting them access to a model, and they do you a favor by getting you professional photographs.

-Send headshots (they don’t have to be professional. Years ago they just did polaroids) and whatever else the agency requires to one of these safe, reputable agencies (they all have children’s sections):

They even have a program in Chicago in the next few weeks:

William asks…

How does the setting of “The House on Mango Street” affect the characters in the story?

How are the characters affected by their surrounding?? Does it have a meaning?

Administrator answers:

The House on Mango Street – Sandra Cisneros

The House on Mango Street Setting

Mango Street, in a low-income Latino neighborhood of Chicago

The setting is central to The House on Mango Street – after all, it’s even mentioned in the title. Esperanza and her family have just moved to a poor, mostly Latino neighborhood in a city that’s commonly understood to be Chicago, the author’s hometown. A few contextual clues, like the car Louie steals and the song Marin is constantly singing to herself, probably establish the time period as the late 1960s (see “Allusions” for a list of cultural references from the book).

You might notice that very little of Esperanza’s story actually takes place within the house on Mango Street. For the most part the action happens elsewhere in the neighborhood – on the street with her friends, on Edna’s back porch, in Gil’s junk shop, up in the tree in Meme’s backyard, at school, and in the monkey garden next door. This has the effect of suggesting that Esperanza’s community plays a large part in establishing what is, for her, Mango Street – a place that she will eventually come to see as home.

Esperanza’s freedom to run around the neighborhood is a marker of her independence, and distinguishes her from the number of women in the community who are confined to the home. Whether it’s because their husbands prohibit them from leaving, because they’re tied down by familial obligations, or, as in the case of Mamacita, because they are prisoners of their own foreignness and fear, several female characters are trapped within their houses or apartments. By the time we read about Sally in “Linoleum Roses,” the domestic setting has become a symbol for the freedom that women in the novel give up by marrying. Take a look at the last paragraph in that chapter, and see if you agree.


George asks…

whats a decent amount of money to make per year?

i want to live in an apartment in chicago when i grow up nothing too fancy and im generally pretty good at saving my money although i do have slightly expensive taste when it comes to food cause i like to eat healthy.

i was just wondering what would be a decent amount of money to make per year without having to live paycheck to paycheck because im currently looking into finding a career.

Administrator answers:

Roscoedeadbeat has a good basic answer, but I’d like to clarify for you:

The $100 /month transportation fee is WAY too low. At a unconservative $5/day 2-way bus/subway fare, that only covers your work commute unless you work from home. What about transportation for basic groceries, etc? Perhaps you MAY be able to walk. Taxis will cost $10-$30/ride. I would say $200 is a better estimate, and this assumes that you have no car – not even a fully-paid used one – and walk a lot. A used car will have insurance, gas, basic maintenance (tires, oil) occasional repairs, etc. A new Honda Accord will run an additional $400+/month to buy or lease (although repair costs will be lower for a new car).

Also, even if you are a saver, you will spend a good amunt on movies,bars, restaurants, etc. If you like to hang out with friends (less of an expense if you are married). Easily another $100+

If by “nothing too fancy” you mean “clean apartment with A/C and no rodents or roaches” and you don’t need a car, and are a frugal homebody, you could live on $30k/ year in Chicago. Even then, I’m a bit skeptical, and I’m not a big spender myself. Don’t forget that taxes will take 20-40% (all taxes, including Social security +state and federal income)

$50k sounds like a more reasonable goal for the typical Young Urban Professional

Carol asks…

Have you ever been wrote up at your job?

I gotten three write ups at my job for being absent.I got those write ups in only 2 weeks. If I get wrote up one more time I am going to get fired.

My dad said if I lose my job he is going to throw me out of his house. I am 22 years old, that owe Chicago State University over 5 Thousand Dollars, and I owe my Credit Cards over 2 Thousand Dollars, and all I did was buy Gas for my car.

I woek at UPS, as a part-time package handler, I make $8.50 a hour. I work 10 to 15 hours a week. So I am bringing home less than $100.00 a week after taxes. What am I going to do.

I am only 22 years old. What am I going to do with my miserable life. What would you do?

Administrator answers:

The law says that once you reach 18 you’re an adult. It used to be that parents threw kids out (if they didn’t leave by themselves) at age 18 to get their own job and apartment. So don’t whine, you’re an adult now, you can handle this.
By 21 usually people have their undergrad degree and owe over $16,000 and have no job, so you’re in an ok position.

First of all you should stop being absent from work so that yo can get a good reference from UPS in the future. Then determine which of your friends could make sure you get to and from work if your own car can’t get you there. See if you can either work on the net or get a second job near where UPS is and work the two jobs, go directly from one to the other. Then as time moves by and you’ve not been absent in a long time see if you can sign on for full-time work for UPS, FedEx or USPS, etc.

Pay the lowest amount on the credit cards allowed and don’t buy anything for many many months. Are you on a repayment schedule for schooling? If so pay the lowest amount. What you need is additional income and some disciplining yourself.
The way you discipline yourself is to set your sites on the future and work toward goals.

There’s always relatives who could take you in for a couple of weeks in one of their bedrooms. Sometimes friends can do that too. But you can also rent a room or an apartment and you pay half. The problem with that is that you need upfront money, so get that second job.

Laura asks…

Will my father be able to get on section 8 after he retired?

Will my father be able to get on section 8 after he retired?
hello my father is going to retired soon and he wont be able to pay that much for rent ..will he be able to apply for section 8 we live in boston ma . and will it be a problem for him to get section 8 if my sister works but she gets really low income a year like probably 10 thousand because she lives with us ..and what other benefits he can get after he retired.

Administrator answers:

I am pretty sure Boston Housing Authority which runs Section 8 program is closed to new applications like the one in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago. If he did not apply a few years ago he wont get a voucher any time soon. In a big city it takes more than 5 years to get to top of waitlist. One option would be to live in a senior apartment. There are many of them that operate like Sec 8 charging only 33% of his income. He has to find out which ones they are and they have their own waitlist but usually only several months or a year at most to wait. These are HUD buildings for seniors over 62. If he is not 62 he can still find reduced rents for seniors over 55.

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