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Your Questions About Low Income Apartments In Florida

December 5, 2012

Donald asks…

Parking spot issues…Apartment area….?

I live in low income apartment housing…Theres no certain spots for your apartment. There is aple parking. Within the last week with all the snow we have gotten – Theres over a foot of snow in the parking area. They plowed the driving areas, but the spaces are kinda snow filled. We shovled and salted our parking spot that have parked in for a year. Along with a path for around my car and to our door. Parking is right in front of our building, right in front of our door. Im from Florida and have two small kids so I have been adapting with the snow, also I have a small 4 door car. Last night we came back from the store and someone had parked in our spot – They do not live in our building but a few buidlingd away and acorss the parking/driving area, (so they walked farther for a clena spot then to park near where they normally do and should)
They have a 4×4 SUV – they can park anywhere! We havent had a problem since since we did this, no one else has been as rude to park there.
The managment office wasnt open for me to ask what I should do…The spots arent assigned but still that is rude. What should we do? We parked and honked for awhile last night but no one moved it…We are unsure of which door the SUV belongs to. Should I ask the cops? If they end up parking there again today…we talked about shovling the snow back behind and around them – LOL
The managment office wasnt open for me to ask what I should do…The spots arent assigned but still that is rude. What should we do? We parked and honked for awhile last night but no one moved it…We are unsure of which door the SUV belongs to. Should I ask the cops? If they end up parking there again today…we talked about shovling the snow back behind and around them – LOL

Administrator answers:

How is that rude? If there aren’t assigned spots you must have known that someone would most likely take the most shovelled spot. Seems obvious. That is why you don’t put that much effort in when you don’t have assigned spots. Really sorry, but I can’t bring myself to feel all too bad.

Mary asks…

Question about receiving In-State Tuition at the University of Central Florida?

I am currently attending a community college in Massachusetts. I want to attend the University of Central Florida, but do not want to pay for the high-price for out-of-state tuition. I am 20 years old. If I tell my parents not to claim me on their taxes and therefor prove that I am an independent, move down to Florida, get an apartment with rent receipts, get a voter’s registration, Florida driver’s license, a job, prove I support 51% of my income, and get health insurance through the state of Florida, am I going to qualify for in-state tuition after 12 months? In addition to that, my FAFSA said that my estimated family contribution was $12,000 a year. Since I will be establishing myself as an independent, will the University of Central Florida look at my parent’s income or just mine? If they look at just mine, does this mean that I will qualify for Pell-Grants and such since I will be considered low-income? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Administrator answers:

You will be deemed a non resident and charged the out-of-state fees no matter how long you lived there and you will continue to be charged the out of state rate your entire time at that school. Simply because you moved to Florida for the soul purpose of education (as deemed by your immediate enrolling in college classes). So, no matter what you do you will ALWAYS be an out of state resident, even after living and attending classes there for years.

Also, you are confusing your FAFSA dependency status with your state resident status. Your FAFSA dependency status is deemed by these 13 questions. Until you can answer YES to one of them, you must report your parents income on the fafsa.


You are correct in that residency in Florida is (in part) determined by you supporting yourself and the folks not claiming you. But again, you must understand, residency status is different than dependency status for finanical aid purposes:

Be aware that changing ones residency is extrememly difficult and most of peoples attempts at it fail. Be sure you are able (and can afford) to pay out of state once you tranfer when it does not work. Most of the time all you accomplish is insuring you are not a legal resident (for tuition purposes) at either state. That really stinks!

Paul asks…

What are my rights as a guest of my sister and she is getting evicted from her subsidized housing?

I am in a bind! My lil sister is in a low income apartment complex. She didnt pay her 189 dollar depoist and they say she is evicted by Saturday(2 days from now). I went thru hard times recently with a divorce and all and in her lease it states that anyone visiting more than 14 days must be put on her lease. Make a long story short: I have been here 16 days and they will not put me on the lease since she told them yesterday she cant afford the place anymore ($30/month mind you!) and they have given her an extra month to come up with the original depoist of $189. ANyways, now I am not on the lease, she has walked away from the apartment and GOD only knows where she is. She put me in a bind as I have nowhere else to go. I have not seen an eviction notice and I live in the state of Florida. The landlord/manager says they are taking possession on Saturday (2 days from now). Can they do that? Can they kick me out even though my sister is gone, I have gotten no eviction notice or anything and technically, I am not even on the lease. Please give me some advice. Also understand that I do not want to take advantage but my little sister has put me in a bind and I am a 34 yr old single father of a young son that went thru some hard times and I have nowhere else to go but if I could stall for 2-3 weeks, I can figure something out. Please help with advice.

Administrator answers:

When it comes to your sisters apartment you have no rights.*

Helen asks…

Can someone help me get out my lease? I cant afford it! HELP!?

I need help getting out of my lease. It ends in FEB of 2012. The apartments are managed my Concord Management. It is also a part of the low income house program in Palm Bay Florida. When we first got our apartment it, it was only costing us about 650 per month for a two bedroom. Since then wages have gone up thus making our rent go up as well. Now we are paying 745 a month. (Not to mention a 3 bedroom in our complex cost 750). You can imagine how much that sucks.
Since we signed the lease my unemployment has run out and my girlfriend lost her job. Both of us are actively seeking jobs but are having no luck.
Can anyone help me get out of the lease other then paying it off. To pay it off would cost over 2,000 which is something we CANNOT afford. So please help. We need/want to move some place cheaper. If you have any experience or advice that would be great. If you have experience with concord even better! Please help.

Administrator answers:

What they probably will do is hold you through the rest of your lease. So here is what you can do

1. Go in and talk to the property manager. Tell them your whole story and ask them if you go a head and move out and they market the unit and it rents will they let you out of your lease.

2. If they say yes go back and clean the unit as best you can so it is in move in condition. You might have to repaint the unit the same colors it was when you moved in and rent a rug cleaner and clean the carpet. Why? Because then they don’t have to do this and they can start marketing the unit asap and you don’t have to wait on them to get it ready. Plus since you are breaking the lease they could charge you for all this anyway.

3. Post ads on crags-list advertising the property before you turn it over to the company if someone is interested show them the property and offer then something if they rent it and then send them to the management company to apply.

David asks…

BF is a spendthrift, how can I fix it?

Well, he does not earn too much to begin with. Only 2.5K/month after taxes. He stays in Tallahasse, Florida where single people can survive on about 500/month by sharing an apartment which also reduces utility and internet bills. This is what most of his friends do, according to him who are single. They spend 200 on rent by living in a shared apartment, 125 on utility, phone and internet bills and another 100 or so in food bills and 40 on bus pass which allows them unlimited bus transport for a month.
But, of the 2.5K he gets, he spends about 850 on his expenses and the rest he uses to help his parents. He does not save or invest. He is 28, still does not have a portfolio or retirement plan. He expects me to bail him out for those things and for our family expenses(mortgage, children education etc.) which we will have down the road. I live in another town with my parents, go to college and we don’t have children.

He does not have a car and wanted to buy it. But, I somehow managed to talk him out of the idea. He lives close to his working place(15mins by walk) so need not spend money on gas, insurance and car payments

How can I restrain his spending from 850 to 500 so that the extra money(though 350/month is not a lot) can be used for savings/investments our big ticket items(mortgage etc)? I discussed the idea of reducing expenses by sharing an apartment, but he does not listen. If you have a family, it makes sense to live in an apartment by yourself, but single people who are low income have to live in shared apartments to cut costs. Why can’t he understand this and how can I make him do so?
I don’t want to control what he does with the money he earns, but feel it is not proper he is not doing something which will help him only like retirement planning and savings for a rainy day. He plans on getting money from me for those things. I am willing to help my BF as we are in a relationship, but feel it is better if he also helps himself.

How can I instill the idea of reducing living costs in him?

Administrator answers:

I hate to suggest this, but the obvious answer is “you can’t”. Unless he sees this as a real problem and seeks help, there’s nothing that you can do to force him to be more budget conscious. The reality is that he is content where he is, he’s got what he wants, and until he no longer has it, then he won’t change, at all, ever. Sorry to break it this way, but guys don’t change, unless they absolutely have to, and even then they usually just pretend to change, they don’t really change.

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