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Your Questions About Low Income Apartments In Florida

April 21, 2013

William asks…

Can anyone recomend an apartment? In your town?

This is a unique situation. I am disabled on a fixed income. I currently live in Florida but am breaking up with my G/F. I cant stay living where I am anylonger. I am looking to relocate somewhere. I am willing to move to any state town city etc. However being on a fixed income I can only manage at the most 550 a month for an apartment or mortgage I have an excellent credit score and have always paid bills etc on time for the past 22 years. Can anyone recomend their city or any city with rents in that range? I am desperate for a change however on my income money is a factor. Tell me about your area if it falls into my $ criteria what does it have to offer? Culturally, Economically Socially. I am willing to move anywhere as long as the area is generally safe etc. Can anyone help recomend a place I know my price range is low but I know there are some places out there can anyone help a great guy find his peace in life knowing he has a roof over his head?

Administrator answers:

Do you have access to a car? Or would you need public transport? For a truly fun change (if you have a reliable vehicle) Look into Northern Maine. Presque Isle and Caribou are wonderful towns, cost of living is low, rents around what you are looking for. I believe they even have transportation programs available for the low income to medical appointments. Go to

Good Luck

David asks…

Should I buy a house or stick with an apartment?

I live in Florida right now and am paying ~$1250 a month for a 3 bedroom apartment, with my lease expiring roughly 11 months from now (October 2010). I really don’t want to be in Florida all my life AT ALL but realize that realistically I’ll probably be here for another 5 years or so since I have a relatively stable job. I’ve been putting some serious thought into buying a house with the intention of selling it for a profit especially with the low prices of houses these days.

The thing is, I know I don’t want to stay in Florida, but with living in an apartment there’s no potential to ever make anything off of it. If I got a home there’s always the off-chance I could either sell or rent it out.

I’m 25 and have very good credit. What should my price range for a place be since my income is ~$60,000/year. What would the duration that I would be paying this be as well (could I rent it out to someone while I was still making payments and living somewhere else)? I know there are a whole lot of variables to take into account but I’m just looking for a generic idea of what to expect. One of the big reasons I’m even considering this is the fact that prices on homes are so low. I don’t want to look back on this later and realize I passed up the chance of a lifetime.

Oh one last thing, is there a time of the year where it’s the best time to buy a house?

Thanks for your help.

Administrator answers:

With the amount of rent you are paying, you are in the range for an affordable house. Lets say you stay in your apartment for another 5 years and pay 1250 a month. At the end of 5 years you have………..nothing. If you were to purchase a house, in 5 years you would have equity built in the house and also appreciation on the real estate value. At that time, you can either sell the house for a profit, or keep the house and rent it out. There are tax advantages to rental property too. If the property was rented, the tenants rent would then be paying for the house, and decreasing the amount you owe on the property.

Jenny asks…

Where is the best place to live in Montana for a 24 yr old married couple with a 13 month old?

In January my husband and i are planning to move to Montana from Florida to get away from the heat and be closer to my family. I have only been to Montana once and it was in Billings. Needless to say i didnt like it too well. I also read on a website that the income there is very low and hasnt caught up with prices and living. so i really dont want to deal with that. anyways, my husband is a truck driver(local) and hasnt found a job yet. we hope to find a local trucking job and a 2-3 bdrm home or apartment at around $500-$700 a month. So what town/city is the best where there are alot to do and has good jobs? PLEASE HELP!

Administrator answers:

If you stay to the west side of the rockies you will have a warmer climate and nicer surroundings. On the other hand Boseman is a nice college town and pretty beautiful.
I lived in Whitefish for a season. Its a major hub for the train system and lots of trucking should be available. Kalispel is good to.
You are going to have to check it out yourself.
Good luck.

Mark asks…

Is it common to get dropped from a housing agency’s waiting list and have to re-apply?

For roughly 3 years, I was on a waiting list for a low-income housing agency in Florida, and have been waiting for an apartment until around October 29th of this year, when I called them to check my status and found out I was dropped from their waiting list. Apparently, it seems that they claimed they sent a letter a couple months previous that stated that an apartment was ready, but I never received a letter in the mail during that time or in previous months about an apartment becoming available for me. I had to re apply for the waiting list. Had to fill out the waiting list application all over again and everything.

Is this kind of stuff, by any means, common for low income people on waiting lists for low-income apartments?

Administrator answers:

That is the process. When you do not respond they drop you and offer to the next in line.

They sent several letters. You did not open them. They look like legal documents, with no return address.

Ken asks…

Is it possible to live in Florida off the salary a Disney cast member makes?

If I were to work full-time hours in, say, Attractions, the salary is a little over $7 an hour. Would this be enough to live in an apartment or small house with several roommates and still afford gas, car insurance, utilities, phone service, and groceries? I’ve never lived entirely on my own before so I need to know . . .

Administrator answers:

When I moved here in 2002, I made it on $6.50/hour, working in Tomorrowland Attractions. I had one roommate at the time. There are apartment complexes close enough to Disney that are income-restricted (low income) and fairly reasonable. When you work for Disney full-time, you can get you car insurance through one of three companies that Disney partners with and they’ll take the payments out of your paycheck so you won’t even miss it.

Also, even if you start in Attractions (where they’ll tell you you can’t transfer to another area for a year) you can be “promoted” after 90 days to another department with a higher pay scale–e.g. Transportation, Guest Relations, Security.

It’s manageable, but tough at the start.

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