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Your Questions About Low Income Apartments In Florida

June 12, 2013

Daniel asks…

What is the cost of living in Broward County Florida?

I am planning on visiting next month down there to check out some area’s and places to rent an apartment. Can anyone recommend some nice area’s, I was also looking at the 33312 area. If you have any info on that zip code will you share it with me.

I appreciate all the information on civilian positions and affordable living quarters, stores, churches, shops ect…

Thank you so much for your advice and help. I am looking to move by early april of 2009.

Administrator answers:

I live in the 33326 area code, which is about 5-10 miles west of the area you’re looking at. The city of Davie, which is the 33312 zip code, is a reasonable nice area, but just to the east of the area you’re looking at is a place called Oakland Park, which is not so good. If you’re looking south of the 595 freeway, the neighborhoods are typically somewhat nicer, and in general, the further you go west, the better (but also typically more expensive) the neighborhood.

Jobs are tight right now, gas is pretty high (I travel all over the eastern US, and the only place higher on gas that I’ve visited in the past few months is Chicago), and typically, housing is higher than most of the rest of the US. This kind of depends on where you’re coming from; we moved here from the San Francisco area 2 years ago, and real estate was quite a bit lower than the bay area, but it’s typically as high as or higher than anywhere else except NYC. Insurance and property taxes are pretty high, but there is no state income tax in Florida, so that is an offset.

Take a look at the website below for more numbers. You might want to compare this to the area from which you are moving to get an idea if it will work for you.

Good luck! (All things considered, including the cost of living, the insane South Florida drivers, and hurricane season, I do love it here.)

Helen asks…

Can a couple live comfortably in Manhattan for $80000 a year between the two of them?

If we get an apartment for around $2000 per month will we be ok? By the way I’ve calculated things out it seems like we would but all I hear about is how high the taxes are in New York. I’m worried that we’ll be taxed way more than expected and struggle to get by. I understand we won’t be dining at the finest restaurants but I want to know if you think we’ll be able to live comfortably and maybe even build a little savings.

Administrator answers:

First of all, you will be hard pressed to find anything but a studio in a decent neighborhood in Manhattan for $2,000 a month. If you expand your search to Brooklyn and Queens, which are not that far from Manhattan via subway and actually preferable for many people, you can get a decent sized one bedroom. But 2,000 a month in Manhattan is not much rent money these days. I do not see how couple can live in a studio together and not get on each others nerves after a few weeks.

Second, do you need a car? If you live in Manhattan, or close in Brooklyn or Queens, it is going to be expensive to park unless you search for a place on the street and move it. Many New Yorkers do just fine without a car. Factor that into your calculations.

Third, there is a New York City tax on income, as well as New York State and all the federal things you need to pay. You can deduct these off your federal income taxes. As a very rough calculator, figure 6% additional tax on a salary of $40,000 a year.

You are going to live the lifestyle of a New Yorker who has a small apartment, takes public transit and some subways, and can afford to buy groceries and pay for basic living fundamentals — but will not be eating out much or going on vacations someplace exotic.

If it were me, and I could make this money in a place like Florida or Nebraska where the cost of living is lower, especially for housing, I would not live in New York City to be honest with you.

Richard asks…

Concerning renting an apartment, what does subsidized mean?

I am looking at apartments in the Homeast-Miami area of Florida. One of the “amenities” is subsidized. What does that mean?

Administrator answers:

Government helps pay on low income appartments

Nancy asks…

i am a senior on section 8. Iwould i find a decent place to move to?

Will be moving to colorado springs in September from florida. I am a senior and low income but would like to live in a decent area. Where are the decent neighborhoods?

Administrator answers:

You can contact the Colorado Springs Housing Authority, or whatever the county there is called and ask about neighborhoods. You have to call your own case worker where you live now because it has to be arranged with both Housing Authorities. Once you get a portable voucher, you take it to the new HA and have 90 days to find a place. I lived in Colorado Springs in the 1970s and it was all nice then.

You should go online and look for senior apartments, independent living, senior communities and subsidized housing. If you do a search for Section 8 make sure it is a senior building, otherwise you might end up in a family building with all kinds of people.

The HA in Colorado Springs or whatever the county Housing is has a list of apartments but you know you can contact rental agents or landlords ahead of time and also put an ad on Craigslist under Housing Wanted in that area. There is a senior residence in Colo. Springs with communal living if you are interested in that. It used to be a Printers Old Age Home.

Ken asks…

Could some U.S states collapse without the sales and income tax money paid by undocumented immigrants?

For instance, Florida – a State with lots of undocumented immigrants and a state without industries.

Tourism, gambling, prostitution and drugs are the only source of income, and thousands of immigrants from central america, the caribbean, Mexico, and south america work doing that, without them the economy would collapse.

Administrator answers:

You have hit on something here although most people won’t take it seriously.

It is highly unlikely that by either deporting or driving out some undocumented people the economy would collapse although many States such as Oklahoma passed strict anti-illegal immigration laws and they did have many problems when they lost income due to people leaving although that was not just undocumented people affecting the system it was combined with legal hispanics and others that were upset moving to other areas. AZ has yet to see fully the financial impact that their laws have passed but it is clear their tourism has gone way down.

If all of them were gone tomorrow there would be great problems although at the highest deportation rate we have had it would take over 24 years to deport 11 million of them and most likely the figure is higher and that is assuming that no more enter the country if we are able to control the borders. Since this is not realistic, Society depends on them to keep fast food cost low, hotel costs low, construction costs low and without them you are correct we would have major financial issues in the country. Apart from this imagine what would happen to Mexico if we sent them say only 8 million unemployeed people? Their economy could not handle that either and in Macroeconomics we learn about how one country next door can have major effects on another one even if they don’t cross the border.

I do not defend those that have entered illegally although we need to be realistic here and understand that they do pay several types of taxes that would be greatly missed. The figures just for the social security mismatched funds alone were over 9 billion for 2009 so yes that would be missed and could cause very large problems.

Also it is important to understand that anyone who pays rent or house payments ends up paying into property taxes one way or another. If the taxes go up the landlord raises the rent to cover it and a large percentage of those taxes go to the education funds in many of the states. There are exceptions where lotteries or gambling do have large percentages that pay for education although undocumented people do pay property tax and are therefore paying into the education funds.

If all of the undocumented people would leave tomorrow we would have millions of empty homes and apartments and that would cause great hardships and a possible collapse of the enconomy since the Gov would not bail out all the landlords etc…. The lost money from just the construction industry not to mention the hotel and fast food industries would be stagering.

They also pay gas tax, sales tax, property taxes and over and above the 9 billion in Mismatched Social Security funds paid by false cards they also have Fed and State taxes taken out that most of the time will never be returned to them.

There is an estimated 10.8 million undocumented people in the USA right now from Government figures when the census releases the figures that could be corrected to reflect a much higher number but assuming 2.5 million are small children and one million are older people, aprox 3 million are women leaving almost 5 million male adults that would be the main ones contributing to the gambling, prostitution and drugs you mentioned combined with possibly another half million women. The estimated total income from even 6 million undocumented people working one full time job and another part time job or 60 hours a week is apx 150 billion dollars a year. If the figure of undocumented people were 24 million then we could be looking at over 600 billion a year all based on min wage and many of them do make more yet some are taken advantage of for less as well that is why I factored in the part time job too.

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