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Your Questions About Low Income Apartments In Florida

July 16, 2013

Sharon asks…

How Long can I stay in My Apartment before being evicted?

I am 1/2 way through my lease, and have lost my job and at this time I have no way to pay the rent, but have never even been late before. How long can I stay here with non-payment, before being evicted? I am not trying to do anything wrong, but facing living on the street when I am 56yrs. old is scary. I have no family to fall back on, and have only lived in the town for 6 mos.and have no friends I know well enough to move in with. Also, can they turn my water off to force me out? Just Afraid and need advice please.

Administrator answers:

Anything done to jeopardize your health and safety for the sake of money is not looked at very favorable by judges in any jurisdiction.
You need to discuss your current situation with your landlord but you also need to be informed. I don’t know what state you are in or I would give you the sites in your state that you can get help at.
As I mentioned there are assistance programs for you while you get back on your feet not only from your state but from other government and private entities. Here are some links that you might want to visit.
US Government Housing assistance grants all areas:…

US Government Grants page:
US Federal Domestic Assistance catalog for all Federal Programs available to State & Local Governments & the Public

All government Benefit Programs
Low income housing assistance (private) Habitat for Humanity:
Public Assistance Programs that can assist grandparents an article by AARP includes link to all types of assistance programs other than real estate:
List of all available Federal programs;jsessionid=FX2KrmkSYpQNWvJT5M5bCT8d6NfrbMGL2kWh01jgmGKD5HYmGYyj!-1747634320?_nfpb=true&_pageLabel=gbcc_page_locate_federal&_nfls=false
Finding out what benefits you are eligible for with the US Government

AARP: Age 55 and over:
All HUD publications on programs for low income assistance:

Sorry to hear about your predicament I’m sure you’ll be alright
Buena Suerte
Additional Details
Since you are in the state of Florida here are the assistance links I promised
Florida General Provisions Property Laws includes tenant/landlords isssues
Landlord tenant main site:
Landlord tenant handbook:
Landlord tenant brochure:
Consumer Services landlord tenant explanation:
Rental Assistance Programs:
Affordable Housing opportunities:
State’s Department of Community Affairs, Housing and also disaster relief:
Government & Private Agencies links on utilities and consumer information

Mary asks…

Does anyone know where i can find section 8 friendly apartment listing in southern florida?


Administrator answers:

You can’t “choose”. First you get approved (which is a process unto itself), then you a list of places that accept subsidized housing vouchers.

Are you single? You won’t get approved in the first place. Section 8 is for low-income FAMILIES.

Daniel asks…

I live in an apartment in Florida and my lease is expiring soon. Can my renewal rate decrease?

With the economy in a turmoil, why can’t rent decrease at the end of a lease?

Administrator answers:

There is no law preventing it.

But, as you stated, the economy is in turmoil, it is a really bad time to lower your income. Do not count on your landlord deciding to earn less money as the prices of everything, including maintenance is raising.

Chris asks…

How much would it cost to live In Orlando?

I want to work in Disney, and I was just curious how much it would cost to live In Orlando.
I’m single, but I’d look for a roommate, to split the costs. A small, cheap appt/condo is all I need.
I’m Canadian, but I have a florida license. And I was educated through a school in Florida, I also have vacation home in Clearwater fl. So It will be easy to get my florida citizenship :p

Thanks in advance

Administrator answers:

Apartments in Orlando range from $500to $1,200/month for a 1 – 2 bedrooms. Car insurance runs from $100-200/month depending on many factors from your age, marital status, credit score and driving record. If you eat out every meal it could cost $30/day on the low end. A single person can reasonably average $125/week for food if you buy it at a grocery store and prepare it yourself. Clothing is reasonable, especially at the famous outlets in Orlando. Disney doesn’t pay that great on average, but working there is really fun for most people. There are no state income taxes and if you’re making around $20-40k per year then your Federal combined (Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and Federal Income) taxes would range around 15-25% of total income.

Welcome to Florida!

Mark asks…

What is the best time of the year to find renters?

I have a few properties in Detroit and I am having troubles finding tenants right now. I hope that it’ll get better in spring.

Administrator answers:

No set rule; generally was summer or before school year. Depends on location, market and opportunities.

Detroit. Many places are seasonal. Some people move around school years with children.

People tend to move where there are job opportunities or family in difficult times to team up resources.

Is your pricing in line with the market?
Are your properties attractive? Can you offer incentives? Are they located in prime areas?

Check your competition and see if there is anything you can do differently to attract tenants without running red. Presume the tax write off is not beneficial – you needed the rental income.

In South Florida a few incentives they offer because the market is flooded with rentals include:
1. Offer one month free for a twelve month lease, or include utilities, cable, etc.

However if you do the free month upfront, you want to be certain they are there for the 12 months, perhaps pro-rate it. Also many offer low move in costs because the market is flooded with rentals.

2. Many are furnished – and with the exodus from South Florida and likely Detroit, you may be able to easily and cheaply furnish an apartment and rent by the week or month for those in transition.

Be certain to check the eviction laws so you don’t find yourself in a bind.

You may need to lower your rental prices however some income is better than extended vacancies.

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